Why online games have become more popular in Belfast and around the world

Games have been on the rise since the 1970s and they have certainly evolved drastically from that time. They were also played competitively, but compared to the competitions you had in local stores, esports events today are much more massive. It also seems that people, especially young audiences, don’t get bored playing games. This means that they continue to increase in terms of popularity and overall player base. Of course, there are multiple factors contributing to this continued interest, both globally and in Belfast. To that end, we’ll go over some of these important factors.

Lockdown plays a huge role

One of the recent events that has certainly played a significant role is the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, people just need more things that they can do indoors and socialize at the same time. It turns out that games are sort of a perfect solution for this problem. Games like Call of Duty and Fifa have seen a massive increase in the player base. Game studios and publishers are aware that this won’t last forever and that once the pandemic is over, those numbers are likely to normalize or drop significantly.

Some games are more enjoyable online

Although the majority of video games are played at home or in a private setting, there are entertainment like casino games that people also play in a gaming joint. Just like video games, online casino games have also seen the number of players increase during the pandemic. However, even before the pandemic, these titles were popular and in a more user-friendly way. There are a lot of mistakes you can make while playing at a casino, whereas online you can play a demo before you start spending any money.

This is not the only reason of course. Online gambling sites can offer better incentives to players in terms of sign-up bonuses. Additionally, digitization has made some of the older games even more appealing, relying on algorithms rather than a built-in mechanism. This way, you can secure the house edge while tweaking a machine to also give players a higher win rate which makes the game more interesting. Often, players looking for the best UK online casinos focus on bonuses, software quality, overall game selection and payment options. This is why software development plays a crucial role in these games, and the designers can also create a range of different themed casino games to keep things interesting. Finally, payment methods and secure payment terms play another important role.

ESports competitions

Esports is another reason why online games continue to attract new audiences. This is a great incentive for those who aspire to become professional gamers, as all this hobby cannot be seen as a waste of time. There are sponsors and professional coaches who are keen to support those who wish to dedicate their lives to the game. Plus, this is now a multi-million dollar gig, considering the way pro teams receive funding. from computer hardware companies, fans and anyone who makes gaming related items.


Websites like Twitch and YouTube really play a big role for several reasons. Not only do viewers enjoy watching their favorite content and discovering new tricks, but they can also interact with each other. Streaming has brought an even higher sense of community among gamers and allows them to socialize through titles that were not originally created for social purposes.

It also made people play more and improve at certain games. Even if you don’t participate in eSports competitions through the streaming platforms, you can still get a lot of funding from the fans. In other words, it became more than just a hobby, it became a widely shared hobby that allowed foreigners from all over the world to interact and bond with each other. others.


All of the online functionality has led to an explosion of popularity in games. While gambling is undoubtedly enjoyable, it is addictive as well. If someone reviews statistics on gambling addiction, they can learn more about the negative effects of gambling addiction. People have always liked to play with friends, but to develop multiplayer games for a single TV or PC was not easy, because you always had to sacrifice part of the gaming experience. With online play, it goes much more easily and allows more than 2 players to participate in the same game. And when we also factor in all of the other factors mentioned here, it makes perfect sense that interest is still on the rise.

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