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About 10 cooperative societies, under the auspices of Ekpeye United Cooperative Union, gathered at the premises of the extension office of the Green River Project (GRP), Ukpeliede in the Ahoada-West local government area, to mark the 10th anniversary of their conglomerate.
The occasion was also used to honor three speakers.
The Tide reports that GRP is a department of the Nigerian Agip Oil Company, concerned with promoting agriculture in its host communities.
Speaking, the chairman of the occasion, Professor Victor Akwujuru of Rivers State University, noted that the occasion justified the jubilation that colored the atmosphere.
He said it was heartwarming to see cooperative societies springing up in a rural area, to tackle food insecurity and unemployment.
Prof Akwujuru, who is also an estate management expert and renowned farmer, expressed hope that existing cooperative societies will keep pace with their hard work as new ones emerge to join them.
The president instructed the respective cooperative societies to look at the long term rather than the short term benefits of their work.
In his speech, the President of Ekpeye United Cooperative Union, Mr. Ihuowo. Alabo said Monday. “Operating as a group of this nature has not been very easy in the environment of the communities of Ekpeye.
So I extend my congratulations to the members, for refusing to live in stereotypical environmental bondage and for continuing to build an enviable cooperative organization. Our wishes are as important today as they were over a decade ago. ”
The President thanked the GRP for its support and encouragement to the union, through capacity building, timely provision of agricultural inputs, construction and commissioning of agricultural infrastructure, access to micro- credit and financial assistance through rewards as well as the provision of extension workers including, Mr. Iyke Moses, Mr. Felix Ogbonna and Chief Charlie Samuel.
Ihuowo posthumously acknowledged the contributions of the union’s founding members, namely the former secretary and treasurer, the late Chief Amanukpo Robinson and the late deacon Gibson Echikwa, respectively.
He noted that the union had recorded a number of success stories and in this context, a dividend of 10,000 naira each was given to all financially healthy cooperative groups.
The president, who is also an accountant, announced the union’s goal of establishing a revolving loan of N1 million per year for farmers or groups at an interest rate of less than 10 percent.
He called on the GRP leadership to give the union the opportunity to participate and nominate young people for skills training programs, as well as to relaunch the microcredit program to individual cooperative societies.
Ihuowo called on LGA secondary school authorities to participate in GRP programs as obtained in other areas and states in Nigeria.
While the dividend recipients included Umanunye Cooperative Society (Ukpeliede), Young Farmers Cooperative Society (Akala-Olu), Uzodhu Cooperative Society (Idu-Ekpeye), Obuma Cooperative Society (Enito 1), Ogoda-Ahoada (Ogoda) women, the individual laureates were; Dr Joyce Ordinioha, Dr Okezie Ebiriker and Mr Ihuowo Alabo in thanks for their invaluable service to the union.
Dr Ordinioha, who spoke on behalf of the winners, said they would be urged to render more service to the union and to the general public.

By: Agimo Benson

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