The trial begins for the 1st subscription to Android online games

Netflix would like to increase the number of video games in its place in the future, it was introduced a few months ago. Now the first glance starts with the customers in everyday life, mainly because in Poland you can now download two Android games as a subscription.

Netflix sells two subscription-based Android online games

These are the video games “Stranger Things: 1984” and “Stranger Issues 3”, the next game was released a long time ago. With a Netflix subscription, you can download and run it for free and there are no in-app purchases.


So it’s really pretty basic: Netflix is ​​making more smartphone video games that are probably on the market, and they’re free with a Netflix subscription. It’s a different strategy than Microsoft’s with Xbox Activity Move.

How does Netflix control that luck in this case, after all, it’s theoretically just a totally free buy for everyone? You need to sign in with a Netflix account to participate in these games, so there is no hassle in the stores.

Let’s see where we’re headed and what Netflix has planned here. As per the existing remark, online games will not cost much more. A Netflix subscription is enough, so it needs to be a lot more eye-catching. Netflix marketed the change as an experiment from the start and now the testing phase has just started in Poland.

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