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The Role of Music in Online Games – RapReviews

By October 6, 2022Online games

Music is an important aspect of our lives. It accompanies us everywhere – on the streets, in transport, in restaurants and at home. Soundtracks are necessarily integrated into films, series and various games to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Online games are another area where music plays a crucial role. The truth is, sometimes a particular sound is something that makes us remember and come back to a certain game. Let’s find out the deeper reasons why music matters.

The importance of music

Some sounds are able to relax us, forget about problems, feel calm and experience positive emotions. Experts claim that good music is even able to treat certain weaknesses, such as headaches or stomachaches.

Speaking of all works of art (including movies and games), music is an integral part of it, which helps create a unique whole and a special atmosphere. The main functions of any soundtrack are:

  • To set the tone for a scene in a movie/game
  • Focus on certain events
  • Expressing a character’s feelings
  • Predict certain events
  • For people to feel the right emotions
  • For the audience to remember a certain scene or a product in general.

It may be unconscious, but we often memorize particular movies and games simply because of perfectly selected music.

music in games

While watching a movie, you might be interested in the plot and the acting. But games are another issue. The majority of developers do a great job of adding the “right” soundtrack, which complements the game and makes the gaming experience enjoyable and comfortable. However, there are exceptions. And in such cases, you feel negative emotions, which make you leave the game and never come back. The right sound for any game should:

  • Helps to concentrate
  • Create excitement
  • Set the mood
  • Be transformative.

Appropriate music is essential for all possible types of games, including online games, video games, and even casino games, such as slot machines. The development of mobile games has made it important to choose the right soundtracks for mobile games as well. This concerns all sorts of things:

  • Brain teaser
  • Strategies
  • Stock
  • Arcade
  • MOBA
  • Map
  • Casino games, etc.

Speaking of casino games, they are probably the most complicated problem for the choice of sound due to their specificities. Slot machines are fairly simple and limited games. All they have are themes and gameplay mechanics. As a result, inappropriate music will cause bettors to immediately drop out of the game. At the same time, software providers are doing their best, so we can observe examples of successful soundtracks for slot machines at

Music for online slots

The theme and style of any slot machine is not just defined by graphics and items. The soundtrack usually plays a very important role. Such games are like a movie, but all they have to impress bettors are their visuals and sounds.

Each type of sound should be carefully selected for a certain situation. Thus, it is the right decision to use happy and loud music in case of victory. Thus, it could intensify a bettor’s positive emotions. When there are no wins, smart developers prefer not to use sound at all (so as not to focus attention) or use pleasant, calm and relaxing sounds to create a peaceful atmosphere.

The music selected for bonus games and rounds must be prominent and different from the sounds of the main rounds. Thus, a bettor can feel that something special is happening. And finally, the main soundtrack of the slot machine is also essential. It can be used when a player is reading the rules or when the reels are spinning. The main thing is to make music, which matches the theme and mood of the slot machine. Moreover, it’s great when the developers also take care of the quality of the sounds.

The best online slots with the best music

If you like to enjoy the gameplay and atmosphere of online slot machines, we offer you a list of games, which are characterized by the perfect sounds:

pokie’s name Developer The description
Mental limitless city This developer is known for the most atmospheric games with particular concepts. The described game is one of the best examples of the company’s work in terms of graphics, functions and music. High quality sounds complemented by screams and voices create an unmistakable atmosphere of a real mental hospital where something terrible is happening.
The Phantom of the Opera Micro game This game is based on a well-known movie. This is one of the best examples of a slot machine with wonderful music. The legendary company has managed to create an awesome game with an interesting plot, which is intensified by some lovely sounds from the original movie. Just play the game and you can feel this unforgettable atmosphere, which will take you to the scene of the action.
Guns N’ Roses NetEnt This provider is known for dozens of successful slot machines. However, this product is one of the best music-themed games in the iGaming industry. In the background, bettors can hear the sounds played by the popular musicians – the members of the legendary band. Moreover, each time you launch the slot, you can see a well-known clip with the live performance of the rock trio.
game of thrones Zynga This is another slot created after a popular TV series. The music taken from the film makes the general atmosphere of the game unforgettable and unique, taking bettors to imaginary countries.
Age of Asgard Yggdrasil Games The developer is one of the leading creators of fantasy games. And the company has done its best with the Age of Asgard slot. It is perfect in terms of everything including graphics and sounds. The last ones tell us about Norse myths and make us feel the scene on which everything happens in this slot machine.


Music has always been an integral part of our lives. This has a huge influence on our perception and on us. And movie and movie makers know it. Enjoy the products with the best sounds to feel an incredible atmosphere and enjoy your hobby.