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State of online gaming in 2022

By July 18, 2022October 11th, 2022Online games

It’s a growing world, and more and more people are playing games, whether on their phones, on personal computers, or even in arcades and casinos. You see, no matter what we might think of a game, everything I mentioned above is some kind of electronic game, which makes it a video game.

Although some games have more to do than others, they all fall under the same umbrella. And this broad definition of the word gamer or video game suits me perfectly, and you want to know why? The more people playing games in 2022, the better. It’s better for the products we receive, it’s better for the fans, and it’s better for you!

While we review all video games, it’s worth remembering that anything involving video screens and some sort of functionality is a game. That means one-button games like the Telltale series count, as well as casino, even those that offer an online casino bonus. You may not pay for the chips you use, but it’s still a video game. Consider it a free game!
The thing is, the more games available, the better the products should be, in theory. With millions of mobile apps available in the market, it is not too difficult in 2022 to find the right ones. And there are a ton of them, because competition has forced everyone to make bigger and better games, with more hooks and bonuses for players. This means that today’s premium mobile experiences are much more generous with their bonuses and premium currency than those of around 5 years ago.

Game quality is on the rise, and while the iOS App Store and Google Play Store are still filled with garbage experiences, the overall quality of the games you want to play – like Simpsons Tapped Out, Rise of Nations, etc. . .- it’s much better.

Many games are also good for fans. Lots of games means lots of options, so no matter what you want to play, there’s probably something to try. For example, our house is divided over our love of games. While one person really likes the open world, single-player experiences, another likes online shooters, and another likes puzzle games.

With so many devices to play games on and so many people making games, there’s a nice selection. And this is where we discuss casino games as video games. You see, I would say even my grandparents love the games – when they go to the casino they have a great time playing the different video slot games and video card games? Why? Because at the end of the day, despite their age and having no idea what an Xbox, PlayStation or Switch is, they can still enjoy video games. Isn’t that great?

The more good products we receive, the better it is for everyone. And in 2022, that statement has never been truer.

Adam Roffel has only been writing about video games for a short time, but honed his skills by earning a master’s degree. He loves Nintendo and almost everything they’ve released…even Tomodachi Life.

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