Save 50% on Guitar Rig 6 Pro, now just £89.50!

We guitarists are always on the lookout for new sounds, amps, effects, and rig setups. We often spend hundreds or thousands on new gear, just to move it around when something new and exciting comes along – and that can be an incredibly expensive, time-consuming and frustrating process. What if we told you then that you could turn your laptop into a complete electric guitar practice and recording rig, filled with models from some of the most sought-after amps and effects in the industry? With 50% off Guitar Rig 6 Pro at Native Instruments, you’ll have 21 different amps and 68 different effects at your disposal, for less than $100.

Guitar Rig 6 Pro saw Guitar Rig undergo major cosmetic and internal surgery. With an all-new interface to help improve your workflow, plus new amp models and effects from Native and Softube, the possibilities are endless.

If you are upgrading or updating a previous version of Guitar Rig, you are also eligible for the 50% discount. Check the Guitar Rig 6 Pro pricing page and log in to see if you qualify for the discounted version.

With Native Instruments’ new Intelligent Circuit Modeling technology, you can enjoy an endless supply of smooth, natural clean tones and fuzz-laden riff-ready sounds – plus everything in between. There are even presets from artists like Yvette Young, Pete Thorn and Vernon Reid – and the selection keeps growing.

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