Online gaming addiction has become fatal for children

Vijay Garg

By: Vijay Garg

The technological conveniences present in the fist have also created life-threatening situations. The use of smart gadgets has created conditions of privacy for adults and lack of direction for children. In recent years, online gaming addiction has become fatal for children. In Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, a web of online games has once again torn the life of a child. It is a truly frightening incident that a 13 year old student in 6th grade would step like suicide after spending Rs 40,000 on online games.

In the digital age, kids commit suicide by getting trapped in virtual games and sometimes they lose money. Sometimes becoming the victim of breakdown, sometimes they find themselves on the path of crime. The risks associated with online games for children and the features of smart phones are becoming increasingly evident. From subways to villages and towns, virtual games are wreaking havoc in the real lives of children. Things that should hardly have a place in the lives of children create the conditions for their life and death. Along with this, such incidents are also examples of the increasing interference of smart gadgets, online games and the Internet in the lives of children. Most worrying is that kids are looking forward to life’s turn of playing field games on the screen of smart gadgets. Ironically, even games have been confined to the screen wall. Not only children but adults also remain a part of the virtual world of games. Everyone keeps playing weird games with their eyes fixed on smart gadgets, even knowingly.

Many games control the mind and brain and lead children to death. So far, more than 250 children have committed suicide around the world because of games like Blue Whale. Many children here too have lost their lives because of this game. Following such incidents, the central government had asked major search engines and social media platforms to remove links to download the game, banning the game. Blue Whale, who incites children to commit suicide.

Sports bring all kinds of positivity into life, but smart gadget games invite many physical and mental ailments. cause of depression and stress. People of all ages are trapped in the web of invisible faces. Technological gadgets are not limited to human convenience and the medium of communication. The craze for their strange use has created new dangers. Ignorance of the cyberworld, the unknown world, tears away children’s understanding. Games played on mobile to pass the time have become a way to bring people to life or to experience society and to live life cut off. According to the report of the Uttar Pradesh Child Welfare Committee, released some time ago, 3,500 children ran away from their homes in the space of three years because their parents would not allow them to. use cell phones. This figure is not only the changing behavior of children brought about by smart gadgets, but also the hallmark of mistakes made on the education front. Undoubtedly, such incidents alert to the growing interference of online games and virtual worlds. Especially for parents, it has become a matter of serious thought and deep understanding of how children play games in the name of entertainment on smart gadgets. What activities do you use the gadgets for? It is important for parents to be vigilant because despite such incidents, new games continue to hit the internet world.

Not only that, there are a lot of other things in the cyber world web that make children innocent with no direction. In such a situation, only the support and communication of loved ones can prevent childhood from being directionless. Due to online schooling in the Corona era, children’s screen time has increased further. In times of disaster, it is worrying that children do not devote all of their time to studies. According to the latest report of the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, in the era of online schooling, children spend more energy in the virtual world than in studies. Based on information from 60 schools in 6 states, this report indicates that only 10 percent of children use smartphones for education.

According to this report, which includes information from children, parents and teachers, 59.2% of children use WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram on smartphones. Instead of online learning, we’re giving more time to text messaging. In such a situation, the conscience of the parents is really important. In the life of the missing children in the screen world, the advice and meaningful dialogue of the elders is very important. In this age of technological advancement, it is not only difficult to tie the kids together, but it also cannot be kept away from smart gadgets. In such a situation, only alert behavior and positive thinking of parents can save children’s lives. Explaining the difference between need and addiction can teach kids discipline lesson about meaningful use of smart gadgets.

The writer is a teacher

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