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Online games you can play without breaking the bank with the latest technology

By August 11, 2022September 22nd, 2022Online games

We are now in an era where playing games on a computer or portable device is commonplace. Previously, someone who regularly played video games was stereotyped as a teenager with antisocial tendencies. And, while some of this classification no doubt exists, it is more outdated than ever. All genders, all age groups and all walks of life now enjoy playing games – and this has led to an explosion in availability.

To some extent, there will always be games that take a bit more of a commitment, demanding more time, money, and resources, like a bigger screen or a more durable keyboard. While you could play WoW with a reasonably basic setup, you’d lose a lot of the features and gameplay that drew you to it in the first place. So for those who don’t have their dream gaming rig and don’t like spending too much to get it, it’s worth looking into online games that don’t require you to spend too much to play.

Online Browser Games

Let’s be very clear here. We don’t just mean farmville or its latest equivalents, although these are still very popular and highly addictive. The choice and quality of games you can play in your browser has never been greater than it is today. You can play old classics such as Losssmart standalone games like wonderputtand text adventure games like A dark room. There’s no shortage of choices available to all types of players, all in your web browser.

casino games

A huge amount of money is spent on developing or commissioning the development of casino games these days. There are several development companies that make their money exclusively by creating games which are then hosted at online casinos such as those you find at These include literally thousands of slot games as well as more sedate table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. If you’re skilled enough, you might even end up making money with these titles.

Mobile app games

The world of mobile app games has grown steadily as cellular technology becomes more and more powerful. It’s reached a point, in fact, where some people buying new phones will wonder which model is best for gaming. A look at the Play Store or App Store will give you a wide range, from faithful replicas of old console titles to more app-specific titles. You can even, if you feel like it, play games where you drive a truck across a continent to make a delivery. It’s a lot more engaging than it looks.

Sometimes there’s really nothing to beat from a console classic that demands all the add-ons, of course. But most of the time, it’s great fun to play games that you don’t even have to pay (a lot) for on the tech you already own. It is always worth checking out what is there for you.