Online games – the best multiplayer games of all time

Depending on your disposition, the advent of online games to play with friends transformed the industry. Gone are the days of you sitting together on the couch and immersing yourself in a shooter, at least in the mainstream. Multiplayer games live in headsets and modems in 2022.

These days everyone has their own console, and you often play the internet, log in through voice chat, and bring down squads in a battle royale. To keep in touch with distant friends and family is a godsend for game lovers, but you can still have fond memories of those happy days of couch co-op games and cheap controllers.

With Turtle Rock Zombie Horde Shooter Back 4 Blood Coming out late last year and rediscovering the magic of multiplayer for a new generation, we thought this would be a good time to reminisce about some of the best multiplayer games all time. Here are 10 of our favorites, from frosty classics to new competition.

Who would have thought that football with cars would become such a multiplayer sensation? Psyonix Rocket league is a simple game, pitting teams of turbocharged rc vehicles in an arena with a giant balloon.

But such a simple premise has proven to be a big hit with dozens of players around the world, spawning a fierce competition scene and various spin-off modes that reward those who can control their momentum in the air and score deadly goals. The lingering stupidity of Rocket leagueThe physics turn tense matches into laughing factories, ensuring a completely different experience every time you play.

Epic Games ” Fortnite is a multiplayer phenomenon. It’s safe to say that it will be etched in the video game history books given its biblical popularity, which has seen it ride through storms – and now it has them in the game – where other battle games royale wavered and fell into the water.

As its importance as a link for crossovers and collaborative content grows with live concerts and movies tied to its wacky world, FortniteThe status of a great multiplayer game will only grow over the years. But beyond all brands, Fortnite is still a social sensation that continues to connect squads of players looting, dancing and building their way to life-affirming Victory Royales.

If you’ve ever been naive enough to believe that you and your close friends could pull off a bank robbery, then Grand Theft Auto Online is a custom sandbox that lets you put this theory to the test. Rockstar Games’ unrivaled multiplayer open world can be a playground of player-versus-player destruction, but it also excels at providing epic co-op adventures, as you bring the gang together to study, set up, and run high scores in the casinos, secret facilities, and private islands. With the recent release of The Contract, starring Dr. Dre, Rockstar’s multiplayer sandbox isn’t going away anytime soon.

While the buy-in can be high for these heists, there’s always something so unique about just sailing around Los Santos causing chaos with your friends, which is why Grand Theft Auto Online deserves a comfortable place on this list.

A feature of the Xbox, Halo fundamentally reinvented the way FPS games played on console. Halo Infinite may not have had such a big impact on the industry, but it just goes to show how Halois the deadly dance.

There is still hardly anything as tense as returning to base with a last minute flag capture as balls and pink neon lights whistle overhead. Each gun is still satisfying and serves a unique purpose, and this might be the one shooter where grenade spam doesn’t get on your nerves. Best of all, it’s free on Xbox and PC.

We could have Back 4 Blood now but Left 4 dead 2 is still the daddy of cooperative zombie games. There is nothing like pushing back the apocalypse in good company, that’s what made Left 4 dead 2 such an iconic multiplayer game in its heyday, and why it’s still played by tens of thousands of people every day, more than a decade after its release.

Reuniting your friends to fight Spitters, Boomers, Jockeys, and the dreaded Tank is a chaotic cooperative exercise that requires careful communication, as the game’s AI director throws hordes of the infected at your quartet to put an end to your efforts to reach the secure room.

Co-op gameplay becomes even more electrifying in Versus, as players take turns playing as Special Infected, coordinating pins to bring an enemy team to their knees. It’s the right one Back 4 Blood must beat!

Without a doubt one of the greatest fighting games of all time, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate retains the strict controls of the series and the exciting roster of characters. He’s a popular Nintendo brawler that lets you fight like Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, or Sephiroth (or all of the above together, if you’re that inclined!)

With its accessible control scheme and an item pool ready to create mayhem, there’s a reason this series is still going strong after all this time.

A game synonymous with esport, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer video game icon and one of the most refined shooters out there. The game rewards precision sniping and conservative economics in its most competitive modes. Nonetheless, it persists with all kinds of players as a fun shooter to play at all skill levels, especially when you master the extent of its airtight arsenal in frenzied modes like Gun Game.

the Counter strike games have inspired the modern shooter landscape through games like valiant and are kept alive by the wealth of community servers and mods drawn from its strong shooting base.

While it might not only be known for its multiplayer potential, the best-selling game of all time must be on this list for its influence alone.

Everyone remembers the first time they found the perfect one Minecraft Seed or the first house they built in multiplayer Minecraft waiter and friend or stranger who quickly turned him to dust with a cocktail of TNT and lava. Sorrows aside, Minecraft is reliable fun with friends online and has been a hotbed of multiplayer innovation, spawning countless modified spin-offs like Hunger games and Hypixel of its multiplayer survival core.

It maintains a strong player base nearly a decade after its launch, supported by years after years of Minecraft YouTube content still booming.

A genre-defining shooter that is still revered to this day, Modern warfare 2 was a flashpoint in the history of Call of Duty and online multiplayer games as a whole. ‘1 against 1 me on Rust’ is still part of the vernacular of the modern gamer, with Modern warfare 2The fast telescopes, prestige system and elusive nuclear weapons of, creating memorable moments for generations of players who have grown up in its orbit. Yes, after all this time and games later, it’s still the best.

Although modern Call of Duty multiplayer pivoted to battle royale with War zone lately, there is still a strong contingent of players who keep Modern warfare 2 alive in 2021, and there’s a reason for their dedication. It’s still as good as in 2009.

Originally launched on the Wii U in 2014, Mario kart 8 eventually found its true home on the Nintendo Switch, quickly becoming the best-selling console game and, by proxy, one of the best-selling video games of all time. It also makes sense, given how easy it is to pick up and play for all ages.

If you wanted to play a multiplayer game with your friends or family without any stressful setup or rules to explain, this would be your first option. With its variety of maps, runners, and customization settings, there are enough nuances for serious runners to play beyond the holidays as well. Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled for bananas and be on the lookout for those friendship-ruining blue seashells!

Written by Jordan Oloman on behalf of GLHF.

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