Online Buyers Beware! Millions of rupees are diverted from fake merchant sites

New Delhi: Police arrested a gang of fraudsters through bogus shopping portals in Delhi’s CR Park area. The vicious gang of men deceived more than 250 people from 8 states. The police opened an investigation into the victims’ complaints and then arrested the culprits.

It was reported that the cheating black market was run by a call center in the CR Park district of the capital. The police have arrested four criminals and the others are on the alert. In fact, the police investigation found that the criminals deceived people from 8 states, including Gujarat, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, worth millions of rupees.

Criminals pretended to sell big ticket items cheaply online and accepted payments from individuals. He also came up with a number of lucrative deals. Then there was the online payment. Even after online payments, people were still waiting for their gifts and goods. They did not receive any gifts or purchases. On the other hand, when a complaint was filed, the criminals blocked their numbers. Police seized 1.5 crore rupees deposited in the gang’s bank account. Now a lot more of their transactions and accounts are being analyzed. Another legal proceeding has also been initiated.

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