Most Popular Online Articles of 2019: Clothes, Electronics & Sex Toys in India


Here is the definitive list of the best online sellers in India last year, and what that means for 2020.

E-commerce in India is certainly a booming business, with over 730 million internet users online across the country, virtual shopping has become one of the major industries. This activity is only expected to continue to grow, with growth estimated at 23% by 2021, and nearly a quarter of all Internet users transacting online this year.

That means around $ 34 billion revenue is to be expected from e-commerce in 2020. Forcing many retailers to scramble for a piece of this digital pie. While this works well for tech-savvy businesses, it also works wonderfully for the consumer. By giving them more options when it comes to price, inventory and convenience.

Since 2010, Adult Products India has been providing sex toys in India to loyal customer base. “Over the past few years we’ve seen a really impressive increase in our online sales. The company admits that this may be in part due to a growing acceptance of sex toy use in India, but with more people online than ever before, sales have skyrocketed. The company also notes that it has seen an increase in sales of toys designed exclusively for women. In 2015, only 20% of Indian women accounted for the bulk of online shopping, but projections put that number at a much higher 42% in 2020.

Online clothing shopping has exploded almost everywhere. What makes shopping for clothes online so incredibly appealing to many Indians is that it allows them to find unique and interesting pieces that they might not otherwise have in their wardrobe. Fashion has a huge impact on young Indians, with a greater variety of styles and trends available online, they no longer have to travel very far to get the pieces they want the most. Footwear and accessories are also heading for big revenue as retailers start to combine these items with their available clothing selections.

Consumer electronics – from cellphones to video games, home appliances and more, this industry has seen a massive influx of online orders in 2019, and experts expect the number to increase. Big online retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart suggest they’ve sold more than 5 million units of smartphones in the past two years. With lightning-fast turnover, old technologies are being overtaken by faster and better models, meaning an even higher rate of consumption is needed to stay at the forefront of consumer electronics. . Make this particular market completely unstoppable.

New year, new you! The health, beauty, and food markets are always looking to do serious business in the New Year, but for all of these categories and their associated products, the rapid convenience of online shopping has brought these products to the fore. record levels. Modern trends love a good diet or a workout program, not to mention detox drinks and rejuvenating tinctures. Online grocery delivery services eliminate the danger of solo travel for Indian women because you can have your food delivered right to your door. The ease of acquisition coupled with easy-to-mail meal plans have ignited the online retail health and beauty industry.

The internet has also created loopholes for niche and often forgotten products. Where pages like Etsy and Craftsvilla feature handmade items that are delivered to you in the mail and ordered online. They also often ship these items worldwide, so almost anyone can get their hands on unique merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. These types of bespoke items range from jewelry to entire furniture sets. So get ready to explore.

Much like sex toys in India, there is a shift away from traditional tastes as the nation moves towards more modern interests. Home furnishings and decor items are no exception. Although there are still strong cultural influences, Indians are starting to become even more fashionable when it comes to decorating their homes. With websites featuring all kinds of modern, contemporary and even vintage pieces, perfect for whatever theme consumers are looking to create. This industry alone has seen a growth rate of almost 7% per year for the past few years with no sign of stopping.

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