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Madras HC launches Suo Motu proceedings against online gambling

By October 13, 2022November 15th, 2022Online games

Madras High Court started on Thursday suo motu lawsuits against online games that students are becoming increasingly addicted to.

A divisional bench consisting of Justices R Mahadevan and J Sathya Narayana Prasad has called for a response from the central government and the state government in this regard, as well as a response from social media players in this regard.

The Court observed that students become addicted to online games, most of which are violent, leading to fights at home between these online game addicts and their parents and siblings.

He also said that several students and young people addicted to online games have committed suicide. “There is an emerging need to reduce the threat of these types of online games. We need to educate young people and especially students. The police and social activists have a definite role to play in this.”

The Court also observed that the future of the nation lay in the hands of young people and that they should be fit physically, psychologically, economically and socially.

He also said parents have the primary responsibility to monitor what their children do with their smartphones and computers. The court also said that those who play online games should be counseled and made to uninstall the game.

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