Lacson: E-sabong, other social ills of online games

Paolo Romero – The Filipino Star

November 29, 2021 | 00h00

MANILA, Philippines – The proliferation of e-sabong among other online gambling attractions is tearing families apart and deepening social ills in the country, the presidential candidate and Senator Panfilo Lacson warned yesterday.

Lacson, standard bearer for Partido Reporma, said the growing addiction of some Filipinos to online gambling deserves serious attention from the national government amid reported cases of suicide and destruction of families as a result.

He cited the case of the popular electronic betting on cockfight or “e-sabong” which was aided by the rise of digital wallets in the country and has now become a social problem after many compulsive gamblers lost money. important and ended up in financial ruin.

“We heard about this father in Pampanga whose debt reached 600,000 P because of e-sabong. He committed suicide, left his children behind. So there are indeed social issues related to the issue, ”Lacson said in Filipino at a press conference ahead of his“ Online Kumustahan ”rally in Bulacan on Saturday.

He said he understood why it was easier for people to become addicted to online gambling these days because transactions are purely done online with no cash in hand. This makes the industry much more difficult for the government to regulate as our existing laws remain limited.

He cited the need to supervise the industry, but the authorities must first reconcile it with the Constitution because e-sabong is not considered a public service. He said that is the reason why applications for legislative franchise for electronic sabong companies remain pending in the Senate public services committee.

Lacson’s running mate, Senate President Vicente Sotto III, echoed the same sentiments.

Sotto said the Senate needs to look further into whether e-sabong can be considered a public service and carefully study the provisions set out on the proposed legislative franchise to allow off-site betting activities for online gaming companies duly. approved.

Lacson said that with the readily available electronic payment systems now, even young people could bet in online cockfight, which has become a “borderless” gambling attraction as Filipino workers overseas also frequent. local betting games.

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