Karnataka to implement online gambling ban law in two months, says home minister

Bengaluru: Karnataka intends to implement the new online gambling law after first framing the rules, Home Minister Araga Jnanendra told ET on Monday, after the state legislature passed a series of major amendments to the Karnataka Police Act 1963 last week.

The bill awaits the Governor’s assent. The government will first notify draft rules under the amended law and issue a final notification after considering suggestions and objections from stakeholders.

“The government has started working on the rules. We want to implement it soon. We hope to implement in about two months,” the minister said.

The rules, he added, will deal with the subject in more detail, explain the implementation processes and establish the procedures.

The government felt it was inevitable to present the bill because “a lot of money was spent on betting” and online gambling was ruining young people financially and destroying them psychologically.

The minister said he personally came across cases where young people, earning a meager income, lost hundreds of thousands of rupees in online betting. “It leads to horseplay and other illegal activities in society,” he said.

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The amendment, the Home Secretary said, removed some gambling-related legal difficulties as pointed out by Dharwad Bench of the Karnataka High Court. “We have made betting and betting in online games a recognized offense punishable by a prison term of more than one year. We have also increased the amount of the fine by 10 to 15 times,” he said. -he declares.

“We will defend in court”

On reports that sections of gaming companies are planning to challenge Karnataka’s new law in court, Jnanendra said the government has studied previous court rulings and state amendments are in line with them. “The courts allowed games of skill, and we accepted it. But no court allowed betting. Thus, our law also allows online games of skill, but not betting or wagering on them,” the minister said. “The government is well prepared to defend itself if a legal challenge arises over the new law,” he added.

The ruling BJP, Jnanendra said, was with him on this and backed the amendments during the party’s meeting in the legislature. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai also backed the bill, he added.

Regarding reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was supporting the online gambling industry, the Minister said that the Prime Minister was only speaking in favor of the industry but not betting.

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