How to get the Spatula of Ruin


The Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Deadlands DLC brings three new Mythic level items that players can discover and assemble. Like all items with this tag, these cannot be equipped with other Mythic items – players can only have one Mythic item equipped at a time. One of these new items is the Spaulder of Ruin Shoulder Pad.

As a piece of light gear, the Spaulder of Ruin is a powerful support-focused Mythic that sacrifices damage dealt by the wearer to further enhance teammates’ DPS. Interestingly, it triggers when the player crouches, so don’t forget to unequip it when you go on stealth adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Spaulder of Ruin Effects

ESO Spaulder of Ruin Mythical item Deadlands

The Spaulder of Ruin grants the wearer access to the Aura of Pride, an area 12 meters wide who gives in to six allies 260 weapon and spell damage while reducing wearer’s weapon and spell damage by 130 for each ally in the aura. The aura of pride only exists while the player is crouching, making the launcher less mobile and unable to do as much damage.

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The Spaulder of Ruin is likely to be a very interesting Mythic due to this effect. He grants a huge bonus to teammates while sacrifice the healer’s own ability to move in combat or contribute damage numbers. With fairly good allies, these personal debuffs shouldn’t matter as much as the huge benefits the team receives, but its effectiveness probably depends on the party as a whole.

How to get the Spatula of Ruin


Each of the three Mythic Items introduced in the Deadlands DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online can be created by the Antiques system. Due to the high quality of these unique mythical objects, only Master level clairvoyants are able to put them together.

By following five tracks and uncovering five shards, players can combine them into the Spaulder of Ruin. Be patient when scanning these tracks, as master-level tracks may require multiple scanning attempts to be confined to a few selected excavation sites, greatly reducing the time spent wandering from excavation to excavation. .

Associated tracks

There are five Tracks associated with the Spaulder of Ruin. These tracks can be found through the Deadlands and Fargrave, though details on how to find these leads are yet to be discovered as players dive head first into the Deadlands.

  • Petrified Daedroth Horn

  • Vacuum Alloy Rivets

  • Vacuum Alloy Blade Plates

  • Aureal Armor Icing

  • Clannfear Leather Straps

If we base ourselves on the precedents of previous years, these tracks likely to be found in Deadlands Dungeons, Delves, Overland and on Boss enemies (like the World Bosses or the new Wandering Executioners) through the Deadlands. Keep an eye out for these five tracks, make sure your clairvoyance skills are up to par, and get a head start to put together this iconic piece of gear.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X | S

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