How Playing Games Online Can Boost Critical Thinking Skills

MOST of us play online games from time to time in order to relax after a long day or even as a way to earn extra income. While these two reasons are entirely valid, did you know that many of these same games can have a positive impact on our mental faculties? This is especially the case with critical thinking skills. In fact, some platforms can even influence the way we make decisions on a daily basis. The real applications of these talents are many and luckily there are many unique games to choose from. So let’s take a look at a handful of categories to better appreciate how each can affect the mind.

Online slots

Not only are slots a lot of fun, they often require us to make quick decisions within extremely tight deadlines. This type of pressure forces our mind to process information at a greater rate; in particular visual cues (such as symbols that can be combined to obtain a winning combination). The good news is that slots are quite stimulating and can provide endless hours of fun.

Hidden object games

Hidden object games are primarily associated with visual acuity. In other words, we’ll be forced to take a close look at a series of images in order to uncover a list of tiny objects that are barely visible to the naked eye. It is believed that such activities serve to stimulate the sight-oriented part of our brain (known as the occipital lobe). Hidden object platforms can therefore represent great activities for anyone who wants to improve their spatial differentiation and attention span.

Live dealer poker

Many people who want to experience the best UK online casino want to take advantage of the latest technological innovations. There is perhaps no better example of this observation than live dealer poker. This type of poker allows players to interact with their human counterparts in real time; offering a captivating organic edge. However, we must remember that poker is a great way to improve our strategic thinking skills.

Poker will often dictate that we think about two or three steps forward in order to counter moves that other players may be considering. In other words, we will treat the information in rather abstract forms. It helps improve cognition while teaching us to listen to what our gut has to say. Live dealer games can also be a great choice for anyone looking to develop their social skills in a safe and welcoming online environment.

Point-and-click strategy games

Perhaps the most notable benefit that can be attributed to point-and-click games is the improved cognition. Most modern platforms offer a rich storyline, detailed graphics, and entertaining NPCs (non-playable characters). We will frequently be asked to solve a series of problems using step-by-step deduction (such as collecting specific parts from a machine or navigating a difficult maze in order to reach the next level).

As you can often select the difficulty levels, these games are suitable for beginners as well as seasoned experts. Another lesser-known benefit of these games is that they can help build self-confidence over time as we become more attuned to what is required of our mental faculties.

Digital puzzles

Everyone benefits from a puzzle every now and then. In many ways, the mind is like a muscle. It requires regular exercise in order to perform at optimal levels. Puzzles can fulfill this desire in a fun and interactive interface. Here are some common online puzzle examples you can choose from:


Compare the differences between two almost identical images


Memory games (like matching decks of cards that are turned over after each choice)


Not only will this strengthen our overall mental abilities, but we will learn some useful knowledge along the way!


Believe it or not, even classic games such as digital crossword puzzles can benefit the mind and our critical thinking skills. As words can be presented vertically, horizontally, diagonally and even upside down, the mind will need to take a more flexible approach. It stimulates different physical parts of the brain; help create new neural pathways (the connections between cells). Finally, using crosswords to learn a new language is a fun way to appreciate terms that aren’t always taught in traditional classrooms.

Online games offer a lot of benefits for the brain, so be sure to take a closer look at this list. You can then select the right category based on your personal preferences as well as what you hope to achieve.

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