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FanDuel Casino Brings New Online Games to Michigan, Pennsylvania

By July 18, 2022September 25th, 2022Online games

Michigan and Pennsylvania are the only places you can get the original Detroit-style pizza and Primanti Bros. sandwiches, respectively, but they’re not the only things the two states can claim mutual exclusivity on. As of Monday, the two states also share a rarity in the US online casino industry, regarding FanDuel Casino More precisely.

Michigan and Pennsylvania are now the only places online casino players can access live dealer games from a dedicated FanDuel studio. It is unclear if these games could be available on other FanDuel brands in other markets at this time.

Michigan and Pennsylvania Online Casino Games Include Addition of FanDuel Casino

Michigan Online Casino and Pennsylvania Online Casino Games now have a new brand in town. According to a Monday press release, FanDuel Casino now has its own live dealer content in both gaming hotspots. The deal is an extension of FanDuel’s existing partnership with Evolution game. However, the studio is branded FanDuel, not Evolution.

The release states that “all FanDuel live dealer games” will be streamed from the studios. Specifically, the press release mentions black jack and roulette. Among the benefits for gamers, FanDuel says the live experience will allow it to offer exclusive promotions to his players.

Many online casino players prefer live dealer games because they are more loyal to an in-person casino experience. With a dedicated studio, FanDuel will also be able to offer a more intimate experience.

Since Michiganders and Pennsylvanians prefer live dealer games, they will be the only ones enjoying this new FanDuel content for the foreseeable future.

What about Connecticut, New Jersey or other brands?

FanDuel also offers its online casino product in New Jersey and West Virginia. Additionally, it uses the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut more the Stardust online casino in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well. Why are they left behind here?

For Mohegan Sun and Stardust casinos, it’s a branding issue. For New Jersey and West Virginia, it’s a regulatory issue. FanDuel has not yet acquired dedicated studio space in these states. At this point, it’s uncertain if that’s in the cards for the future.

To be clear, FanDuel Casino in New Jersey offers live dealer games, but not from a dedicated studio. The same goes for Stardust Casino in both states. The same goes for Connecticut casino players through the Mohegan Sun Casino. Residents of West Virginia can access live dealer games at Bet Rivers Casino and DraftKings Casino.

If the product proves popular in Michigan and Pennsylvania, that could lead FanDuel to invest in expanding it. For now, however, Michiganders and Pennsylvanians should enjoy their exclusive access.