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For Nigerians, Dewolsela has launched its first website which serves as an auction and point of sale. The most comprehensive collection of second-hand and newly made products can be found at Dewolsela, located in Lagos. There is excitement and anticipation around the initial 20% reduction in the auction category for the first auction. Through the use of the company’s auction platform, buyers and traders who want to find great deals online are encouraged to register.

The unique mix of auction (bid now) and e-commerce (buy now) formats in the Dewolsela marketplace gives the platform its nickname. Customers are presented with items that fall into different categories, some of which are; fashion, electronics, computers/mobile phones and accessories. We sell everything from cars to designer fashions to gadgets and much more.

Customers can choose to buy at their price or buy at our price. If you’re willing to pay our price, great discounts and free shipping are guaranteed on used items. If you insist on paying yourself, a bid must be placed for each item you want. Promotion are very effective as they are made by our sophisticated, competent and intelligent system to ensure that the items are sold at a fair market price.

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Speaking to the CEO of the company, Mr. Ndifereke Eduo, he points out, “With our 2-in-1 model process, we give Nigerians and Africans the option to buy at a fixed price or make an offer to buy at their price. They have a chance of completing an order if they win an auction each auction session. This means that the items sold at auction are much cheaper than the market price.

The auction price may start at zero, but the auction will only end at a price agreed between Dewolsela and the actual sale value. Payment options are then presented to the winning bidder.

A reserve price is provided for items in the auction category, and this follows the procedures of a reserved auction. Our live auctions expand the possibilities of e-commerce and offer our regular customers a new way to find joy in their shopping experience.

As Dewolsela takes the security of our products and services very seriously, customers need not fear being exploited by scammers or fraudsters operating online. The Dewolsela Duty Care Stamp solves this problem. It is a seal that is affixed to each product sold through the online store as proof of the brand’s values ​​(quality, authenticity, unique pieces, low prices and technical support). What you see on the website is precisely what you will receive offline when you make your purchase. This trustmark was created to guarantee your confidence in the quality of the products sold by Dewolsela. It serves you with your right to lodge complaints with the competent authorities on any order that has been completed.

Eduo again stressed that “Dewolsela seeks to bring Africans into the world of bargains and sales, we have the cheapest price on the market for items and our products are thoroughly checked and approved before sale. Dewolsela seeks to bring balance between quality and price, ensuring that its customers get value with every purchase.

For the first six months of purchase, Dewolsela promises customers an exclusive offer of after-sales technical support, to help ensure that a customer gets the most use and value from their purchase. This may involve training on existing features or uses of the product and capacities. Our helpdesk and technical support services are always available to help customers use the products they have purchased.

Dewolsela has launched several eye-catching products in several categories to bring smiles to Nigerians. Customers also have the opportunity to surprise a child after every purchase with our Buy-One-Gift-A-Child-One-Free initiative. This means that a Nigerian child receives a toy or book from your completed online order.

Dewolsela offers free delivery to residents of Lagos while a fast logistics process is arranged for customers outside of Lagos. It is our commitment to serve you better. We know it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up to date with today’s hectic news cycle, so we’re here to help.

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