Continuous Iteration/Continuous Development – why multiplayer online games need

The industry’s current approach to game design and development is a high-risk, all-or-nothing system, no longer appropriate for game-as-a-service (GaaS) titles based on the cloud today, according to a new report from Improbable.

How to iterate faster with CI/CD and playtesting highlights why the rapidly evolving gameplay capabilities and content found in cross-platform multiplayer games require rapid iteration to meet player expectations.

The report features practical advice and insights from the developers of Improbable, and highlights the value of continuous iteration and continuous development (CI/CD) for development studios, as well as practical tips for developers who wish to successfully deploy these techniques.

Faster Iteration – Best Games

There are many different techniques that studios can use to introduce and improve the iteration. CI and CD provide studios with faster identification of oversights and/or errors, while reducing the likelihood of updates and changes breaking the build. Faster, smarter testing provides deep insight into the player’s gaming experience, providing teams with valuable feedback in a highly efficient way.

Aaryn Flynn, Head of Improbable, Canada, said, “We know that speed of iteration is critical to developing online multiplayer games. Studios have the ability to work directly with players on feedback, incorporating changes at a pace that has a real impact on the community. So the faster you iterate, the better the overall gaming experience.

Full How to iterate faster with CI/CD and playtesting The report includes case studies and solutions to many common challenges faced in developing sophisticated multiplayer game titles as a service. The free report can be downloaded here.

You can find and download the full report here.

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