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Whether you have no room for an old family heirloom, have inherited an estate to manage, or just a few collections of jewelry or coins you no longer need, selling them is best. way to value while leaving they move into a loving new home.

But as anyone who’s sold their old valuables can tell you, it’s no easy task. Pawnshops seek to haggle and discount your items despite their emotional value. “We Buy Gold” stores offer you the lowest price. Online marketplaces with no way to trust the buyer.

Luckily, there are specialists out there who respect you, your items, and your time. Bellevue Rare Coins is a local, family-owned and operated business that offers free appraisals and helps you find out the real value of your items. With rave reviews from customers and high ratings from the Better Business Bureau, they are the best place to start and hopefully end the journey of selling your pre-loved valuables.

What are they looking for? Jewelry, pearls, gemstones, gold bars, luxury watches, antiques of all kinds, and more. If you’re unsure, bring your item in for a free, no-pressure appraisal.

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