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The Action Democratic Party (ADP) on Tuesday expressed its support for the adoption of direct primaries and the electronic transmission of the results of the legislative elections of 2023.

The party’s national chairman, Yabagi Sani, told Abuja during the inauguration of the planning committee for the party’s 2022 national convention that the electronic transmission of results would ensure free and fair elections.

He instructed INEC to resist an alleged attempt by malicious groups to reject the proposed electoral law amendment bill.

“We in the ADP see the 2023 general election as a turning point in the country’s political history.

“This will be a turning point from the decadence that characterized the previous elections, as we can see the clamor from all Nigerians for a change.

“In 2023, the direct and electronic primary transmission of election results should be seen as an effective panacea for the crises that have hampered efforts for free and fair elections in Nigeria,” he said.

He urged the National Assembly to veto President Muhammadu Buhari on the electoral bill if the outcome of his approval of the bill was not favorable.

Sani said the conduct of the ADP congresses and its national convention will be conducted through direct primaries.

He stressed that the ADP was not opposed to direct primaries and the electronic transmission of results since the result of an election reflected the wishes of the electorate.

He added that only those who plan to manipulate the elections would find it difficult to get rid of the old system.

Sani explained that this could be because the old system gave them the latitude to rig and deprive the electorate of their basic rights to choose their leaders.

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