9 online games for kids and grandparents to play when they’re not together

If there is something grandparents hate, it’s being far away and not being able to see their grandchildren. At least thanks to technology, there are plenty of games online for grandparents and grandchildren to play together no matter how far away they are. These interactive games are a great opportunity for them to connect, and for you to take a little break!

Multiplayer online games and apps can be a bit difficult for parents to navigate simply because of the stranger-danger factor. There are many platforms where kids can connect with their friends, but might be randomly encountered by a stranger, so you might feel the need to supervise their use. Depending on your child’s age, your supervision could totally restrict their style and it could all end in an argument. If they play with their grandparents, they have real-time supervisors in play with them, so you can give your child freedom and privacy without having to worry about potential dangers (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!).

However, not all online games and apps are suitable for everyone. When choosing the best one for your family, you’ll want to consider a game that’s age-appropriate for your child that is friendly enough for their grandparents. If nothing else, you can always give your parents a quick FaceTime tutorial on how to add a Chrome extension or download an app before you start playing with the kids.


Play a classic card game

You probably grew up playing Uno with your parents, and now your parents can play Uno with your kids from anywhere. You will both need to download the game to your phone or tablet and log in to start playing.

Security Note: Uno will ask for your permission to access your GPS to connect with people nearby to play, whether they are friends or not, so you may want to unsubscribe.


Go on a virtual hunt

Pokemon Go is an application that allows users to “hunt” Pokemon characters in real locations. Even though the grandparents and their grandchildren are in different places, they can still hunt together and compare their catches to see who wins. This is a great opportunity for children to go out and walk around their neighborhood to see if they “spot” any characters.

Safety note: Today’s Parent recommends setting the hunt settings for children (or going hunting with them), using a family email for registration, and turning off GPS whenever the game is played. ‘is not used.


Virtual and interactive story time

Grandparents can create an account with Readeo, a secure online platform that allows them to read a story to their grandchild through video chat. Children can actually see the pages of the book and even turn them for their grandparents. To use it, a person must have a paid subscription (you can get a 14-day free trial), and then they can connect for free with a guest.


Create your own anecdote

Kahoot is a platform that is used in many schools, but can be used at home as a way to connect with other people (and maybe even do some underhanded study). Kids and grandparents can “make their own Kahoot,” like a trivia game, and host a friendly competition, or you can use some of the already made Kahoot games and play them virtually. You can access the site for free or pay for various upgrade options, and it’s best for more tech-savvy grandparents and kids.

Safety Note: Since the whole platform is designed for children and education, there are many safety features built in. You can view them here.


Build and explore worlds online

Grandparents and grandchildren can connect through Roblox. It’s similar to Minecraft, in that the “world” you play in is created by users. You don’t need a game console to play it (you can download an app or play it on XBOX). Grandchildren can make a world / game for their grandparents to walk through or they can build a set and then play in it. It is a fun game that requires intermediate technological skills to play.

Safety note: Roblox is a free community game, so there are a lot of players all over the world. You’ll want to use parenting tools to make sure your child isn’t hooking up or chatting with strangers. You can learn more here.


Watch movies and shows together

If you know how to add Chrome extensions, you’ll definitely want to use Netflix Party to connect your kids and grandparents. It allows up to four people to sync their Netflix streams so they can watch content together in real time. It also has a chat feature so viewers can talk about what they are watching together through the chat. If your child can’t read or spell yet, you can always let them talk to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone while they watch.

Security Note: This is a newer extension, so beware of unintentional issues. If it works as promised, the “party” is only accessible by the party host and three guests who need a link to enter.


Race against each other

Mario Kart Tour is the classic game you love via app on Apple or Android phones. There are multiple tracks, and users can play with up to seven friends at a time (so everyone can play!). You’ll both need a Nintendo Account to play, and there’s a monthly subscription.

Safety note: you will want to set up your children with a child account so that you can manage everything on your side. This is a global platform where kids can play against anyone in the world, so be sure to monitor the game and use parental controls.


Test your artistic skills

Draw Something is the app-based version of Pictionary. You can both download the app to phone or tablet and connect with each other for 1: 1 games. It is a game which is best for children who can read single words, or if a parent is nearby to help a smaller child.

Safety Note: You’ll want to download this app on your device, not your kid’s, as strangers may ask to connect with you for a game.


Teach the art of a “double jump”

Grandparents or kids can start a game of checkers and send the other party a link to join. There is no chat feature at the moment, so they can either just play or set up a chat on another platform to talk while they play.

There is a fun interactive game for all ages and skill levels that will connect grandparents and their grandchildren. Many of these games even allow more than two players, so the cousins ​​can have fun making it a family event. Of course, online gaming isn’t the same as a real game night, but it’s still a nice consolation prize.

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