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September 2022

Virginia Lottery Sees Profits Rise in Online Games, Players Win Over $2 Billion

By Online games

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Virginia Lottery reported that online gamblers have now won more than $2 billion, just over 2 years after online gambling was introduced.

According to the agency, more than 300,000 unique players have won prizes while playing online. The biggest win in the lottery’s short online history so far has been a McLean woman who won $2 million playing Powerball.

The majority of online wins have been with instant games, the biggest prize of which was a $295,806 Jungle Tumble Jackpots game won by a South Boston man. He is one of 31 players who have won prizes of $100,000 or more playing instant games.

As the popularity of online gambling grows, the more familiar method of purchasing lottery tickets at retail stores is far from struggling, according to Virginia Lottery. More than 5,300 businesses across Virginia earned more than $138.6 million in commissions and bonuses in fiscal year 2022.

“The convenience of playing online has really appealed to Virginia Lottery players as an additional way to play,” said Kelly Gee, executive director of the Virginia Lottery. “Our goal at Lottery is to provide the best possible customer experience, resulting in more sales and profits for our beneficiary – K-12 public education. Online sales contribute to both of these goals.

The sanctuary of online games for the clumsy child

By Online games

I consider myself a player.

Not in the typical way of being the newest X-Box buyer, Discord user, or Twitch streamer, but rather in a more metaphorical and nostalgic sense.

So, correction: I has been a player.

It started in third grade. For me, it was a simpler, more practical time, before sleepless nights filled with chemistry homework, club sports, and cans of energy drinks. In third grade, after finishing my treacherous multiplication problems and coloring in the solar system with Crayola markers, I jumped to my computer, absolutely captivated by the virtual world. Club Penguin, Movie-Star Planet, Stardoll, Poptropica, Animal Jam and Howrse; you name it – I was there.

Since the advent of technology, there has been a heated debate about the dangers of screen time for children and young teens. Many parents have advocated for the regulation and monitoring of their children’s location on the internet, participating in campaigns such as the Children’s Screentime Action Network to promote healthy relationships between children and devices.

It’s important to regulate screen time for teens. Online games, in particular, have attracted recent interest because of their tendency towards violence and warfare, and the spread of these behaviors among children is still highly contested.

But even though adults berate children for using technology, I would like to offer a different perspective: The online world box to be a wholesome kind of sanctuary – a haven for the clumsy, lonely child. The online world offers a retreat from social anxieties – an outlet for expression and creative freedom.

Having friends is one of many people’s top priorities or desires. Plus, the comfort of having a friend — someone you can talk to, spend time with, motivate, and share dreams with — can give people the confidence to commit to new relationships.

For me, the process of “making friends” has been a tumultuous stage in my development from early childhood through elementary school. In preschool, I spent my time sharing my snacks — Oreos, candy gummy bears, sliced ​​red apples — with others in hopes they would befriend me. My parents were eager for me to experience this “friendship” because I was persuaded to go to other people’s homes, go play at the local park and talk to them in talkative words that only a toddler can. Express. At first, the process of making friends was relatively simple due to the superficiality of young friendships. If I went to their house at least once a week, it had to be my friend, right?

Yet, while I continued to evolve throughout my childhood, my friendship-making process was poorly developed and the outlook narrowed year by year. In second grade, I made friends with two classmates. We’ve done everything ‘friends’ do: go on playdates at other people’s homes, wipe our sticky fingers off the ice cream we bought in town, and tell each other secrets while passing our discreet second notes. period. However, I began to notice a sense of isolation, as they began to grow closer and I essentially became the odd one out. They whispered secrets in each other’s ears, glancing to see if I was potentially listening, chuckling as I sat in the corner, alone.

This feeling of isolation continued through college. One day in class, the teacher told us to pair up to do a math homework. Everyone gathered with their friends and relatives, two by two. And again, I sat alone.

I began to find refuge in the solace of solitude, the peace of my very presence. The momentary in-person friends I sometimes ran into would never be long-term; I assumed their existence would be short-lived.

This lack of complete friendship left me feeling alone and also incomplete, like there was something wrong with me that made others turn the other way. However, after a day alone, I started turning to the internet to make friends who wouldn’t treat me as disposable.

As a child, it’s safe to say that I could have (and probably should have) Been more aware of my footprint on the internet, for example by sharing my full first name and also asking for the names of others. At 18 now, I laugh at the conversations my 10-year-old started with strangers who were probably twice my age on sites like Stardoll.

My ignorance to reveal personal information could certainly have been a cause of harm. Yet the online world offered a space where I could let go; a place where I could be an alternate or even better version of my non-virtual self. My struggle to find IRL conversations and friendships made me feel isolated, but now there was a universe with unlimited avatars, personas, and characters to satisfy my desire for friendship. The online world granted me what I had desperately desired.

Club Penguin introduced me to a fantasy world and a true sameness of friendship as I traveled to the snowy escape virtually. Entering my complex four-word username and password, I logged into the website, seeing the white winter landscape and fir trees around me in pixelated technicolor. My lavender-colored penguin waddled around with his large woolen earmuffs and a candy cane striped scarf around his neckless neck. Crowds of users gathered around Club Penguin Townsquare, some dancing, walking, chatting or carrying their Puffles around.

From making pizzas in the pizzeria to swing dancing in the club, I started chatting with other people who were also captivated by this simulation. My confidence grew as I made friends with other users, visiting their huts and sparking conversations about their whereabouts and how to complete various tasks.

Thanks to MovieStar Planet, I made friends with other “celebrities” and even got my first boyfriend “Travis”, discussing in the regulated chat box complicated concepts such as our favorite food and our daily events. In the browser tab, I experienced what it was like to be a celebrity on MovieStarPlanet, on my rise to fame as an aspiring actress and model. I lived in luxury in my mansion, inviting my friends online to join in the release of my new sci-fi movie, “Stars in Space.”

As a lover of nature and biology, it was inevitable that I would fall in love with the classic virtual simulation game that is Animal Jam. Not only did this game allow me to make friends with like-minded people, but it also expanded my passion for the living world and provided me with interesting facts about various animals.

The intricate character design and customization, from furry patterns to stripes, amazed me as I sat for hours and hours decorating my animals with bright and colorful patterns: polka dots, swirls and stripes. By chatting with other users, I started to develop my “social” skills. And even though the conversations were mere pixels on a screen, the connections started to feel even more real than actual reality. The ability to easily hop on a computer and immerse myself in the community, even when the outside world felt sorry, is what I really wanted – and still do sometimes.

Ultimately, I’ve found that the shared culture in multiplayer online games can be helpful for kids who struggle with social skills and have a limited number of friends. In the many global online games I have participated in, the multiple quests, adventures, and scenarios required you to befriend and collaborate with other players for rewards and treasures.

As I chatted with random strangers and internet wizards thousands of miles away, it was comforting to know that despite physical limitations, we shared a similar goal: to withdraw from the cruelty of the outside world and find some semblance of serenity in the simulation.

Pretending to be something or someone you’re not often has an air of excitement and anticipation. Connecting and creating oneself in an alternative environment presents a source of social freedom that can be found in few other places.

There were obvious negative effects of my virtual life: I spent late nights on the computer, wide-eyed and reddened by the blue light seeping into my sockets, homework getting lost in the bottom of my Jansport. Towards the end of college, I began to notice this decline in my online life, and gradually retired my gaming headset and clunky PC. I finally discovered real-life friendships mostly early in my freshman year of high school, and the complexities and beauties that come with them.

I have now realized that friendship cannot be defined in simplistic terms, or even be something you “get”. In most of my experiences, friendship came naturally to me because these people shared mutual feelings of acceptance and appreciated me for who I authentically was.

And as I continue to make friends in an unfamiliar and new college atmosphere, I will never forget those early friends, the ones who taught me how to find connection, even from the depths of my computer screen.

Statement columnist Chinwe Onwere can be reached at

Latest News | Computer notices are sent to winners of online games for partial payment of tax: Head of CBDT

By Online games

New Delhi, Sep 27 (PTI) With a prize money of Rs 58,000 crore won in the past three years, the Income Tax Department has started issuing notices to people who have played and won games online, CBDT chief Nitin Gupta said on Tuesday.

The department has begun alerting winners on the Tax Compliance Dashboard if there is a mismatch between income and tax payments.

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“We have put together a stock in this sector (online gaming) and determined that earnings of Rs 58,000 crore were there over the last 3 years. The data is with us. We are in the process of issuing notices,” Gupta said.

He said notices were posted on the tax compliance portal and winners were pushed to pay taxes due.

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“They are supposed to voluntarily comply with paying taxes,” Gupta said.

He also said the department takes enforcement action whenever it finds data is supported by evidence, and in such cases, notices are issued.

The IT department’s action comes on the heels of the GST’s intelligence wing issuing a show cause notice earlier this month to a Bengaluru-based online gaming portal GamesKraft Technologies Pvt Ltd demanding 21,000 crore rupees in taxes, interest and penalties.

GamesKraft has approached the Karnataka High Court against the SCN issued to it by the GST authorities.

The tax was calculated based on the 28% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on online gaming.

Currently, 18% GST is levied on online games of skill, while 28% GST is levied on online games of chance.

(This is an unedited and auto-generated story from syndicated newsfeed, LatestLY staff may not have edited or edited the body of the content)

4 Ways to Protect Your Privacy When Playing Online Games

By Online games

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II open beta kicked off last weekend and players are giving their first impressions of the game mechanics via social networks(Opens in a new window), the company that publishes the game, Activision, collects their data and uses it to sell products. It’s no big secret, as the company outlines its data collection and retention policies in its privacy policy.(Opens in a new window).

Activision’s privacy document is comprehensive, but it’s written in an easy-to-understand manner and contains links to help users opt out of their targeted mobile advertising program. In the past, I have asked readers to review privacy policies before using mobile apps. Here I tell online gamers the steps to keep their data private while playing.

Why Game Developers Want Your Data

As noted by authors from the Brookings Institution in an article examining data-driven video game design(Opens in a new window), today’s game companies collect a lot of data about their players to improve everyone’s gaming experience. In the case of Activision, the company notes in its privacy policy that gamers should expect surveillance with respect to their in-game chats or voice communications, as these may be monitored for anti-trust purposes. cheat, anti-fraud and anti-toxicity. .

If you play an Activision game and simultaneously run other software on your gaming device, Activision may monitor and record that activity. My first reaction to this kind of follow-up was negative. However, a quick search on Twitter(Opens in a new window) give rise to complaints of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players regarding others using software to cheat during the open beta. I think anti-cheat monitoring is necessary for everyone to have a fair and fun gaming experience, so I agree with that kind of in-game observation by the company.

How Game Companies Collect and Lose Your Personal Information

I have less of an issue with game companies monitoring player activity and more with the amount of data that companies dungeon on their players. The more information companies keep about players, the more data there is for hackers to steal during inevitable data breach incidents.

Why should you play on PC

Earlier this year, a criminal breached the Neopets database, potentially exposing payment and personal information related to nearly 70 million accounts. In a statement, the Neopets (Opens in a new window)The website confirmed the hack and informed users that the stolen information could include the following: “…data provided when registering or reading Neopetsincluding name, email address, username, date of birth, gender, IP address, Neopets PIN code, hashed password, as well as data about a player’s pet, gameplay and other information provided to Neopets.”

Online security research site TechRobot recently published a report(Opens in a new window) analyze the privacy policies of major game developers. TechRobot found that more than half of the online game developers surveyed in the study keep data about gamers they play with, and nearly 90% of game companies collect information gleaned from in-game chats.

The most egregious data collector in TechRobot’s report is Riot Games, the company behind the hugely popular free-to-play title League of Legends. Riot Games last reported a data breach in 2013, when approximately 120,000 transaction records were viewed. I looked at the privacy policy of the game(Opens in a new window) and confirmed that Riot Games automatically collects information such as a player’s IP address, geographic location, ISP, and chat logs. Riot also collects any information players voluntarily provide, such as demographic information, hobbies, favorite games, and contact lists.

Riot collects a lot of personal information, and that’s exactly the kind of stuff bad actors want when they’re planning their impersonation schemes. Following a data breach, it’s easy for criminals to combine all of this disparate personally-identifying information to create a victim profile. Scammers then use these data profiles to impersonate their victims and open lines of credit in their name or create fake social media profiles used to scam people on their contact lists.

How to protect your data when playing online games

Below are a few ways to reduce your online data footprint while still playing the games you love:

  1. Unlink your social media accounts. Many game companies, including the ones I mentioned above, monitor all of your in-game communications, which sometimes extends to social media posts. For example, in accordance with their privacy policy, Riot Games collects social data from users who link their Facebook accounts to their Riot Games accounts.

  2. Use a VPN while gaming. A VPN is a privacy tool that can hide your IP address, thereby hiding your geographic location and changing your DNS information. Keep in mind that some games prohibit players from using the VPN for location-locked release dates or region-locked game items. Since latency and speed can be affected by usage, we’ve put together a list of the best VPNs for gaming.

  3. Use a password manager to create and store your game account credentials. When the gaming company’s servers are hacked in the future, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve created a unique password for that gaming account, so your other accounts aren’t at risk of being compromised by hacks. reused passwords.

  4. Enable multi-factor authentication on your account. MFA secures your account by ensuring that hackers need something you own (like a hardware token or cellphone) or something you are (like your fingerprint) in addition to something you know (like password) to access your account details.

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This malware can infect your PC with more than 20 malicious programs. The NullMixer malware can simultaneously download a large number of Trojans onto a PC, according to antivirus vendor Kaspersky.

UK police may have arrested a hacker behind the GTA 6 leak. London police say they have arrested a 17-year-old on suspicion of hacking.

Twitter: Our password reset feature failed to log users out of devices. He blames the now-resolved issue on a bug accidentally introduced last year.

Meta sued for tracking iOS users even though they unsubscribed. The lawsuit also claims that the Facebook app violates state and federal laws.

Use the Google app to request removal of search results containing personal information. Removal of search results can now be requested via Google’s Android app for certain users.

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Six online games that are trending right now

By Online games

Sometimes you want to play alone, whether it’s a relaxing solitaire session or an addictive mobile slots game. We understand. Even so, some of the best gaming experiences come from moments shared with others online. After all, a great multiplayer mode makes a video game endlessly replayable and great for having a good time with local friends or strangers across the country, as long as the servers stay up. Our list of the best online games includes both console and PC games. Let’s crack!

1. thunder of war – War Thunder is a free to play multiplayer game in which military vehicles overturn, whether in dogfights, sprawling tank battles or naval skirmishes. This pitch might sound familiar, but no free MMO comes close to War Thunder in terms of quality, balance, and number of vehicles available to unlock. Additionally, while the multiplayer game began with a modest set of aircraft and ground vehicles familiar from World War II games, its myriad tech trees now encompass the military histories – past and present – of multiple nations, ranging from global superpowers to small countries known to strike above. their weight.

2. Wordle – Wordle is a browser-based word guessing game that has gained popularity this year. The concept of the game is simple and it’s very fun to play. Plus, the fact that you only get one puzzle per day adds to the fun and raises the stakes. If you love word games and pride yourself on your ability to guess words in a limited number of attempts, you should give Wordle a try. It is one of the most popular and best online games of the year.

3.Fortnite – Fortnite has remained among the most popular games over the past decade. Everyone knows Fortnite; whether you live in the UK, Canada or China, you’ve probably heard of it. However, the game’s most compelling selling point is its 100-player Battle Royale mode, in which players compete on a massive map with numerous locations, each requiring a unique set of skills to navigate and succeed. While many people enjoy playing this game mode on their own, many prefer to play with friends in duos or groups of four. It all adds up to a fun and immersive gaming experience for gamers of all ages.

4. Among Us – One of the most ironic aspects of Among Us is that it didn’t come out during the pandemic, as many believe. He had been out for a long time before that. However, due to the pandemic isolating us and making us crave interaction, this game was discovered and then took off all over the world. And while not as popular as it is in 2020, it’s still a game people love to play against each other to see who can survive, find the impostor, or kill all their friends. Sometimes the simplest competitive games are the best, which is a great example.

5. City Guesser – Do you aspire to be a citizen of the world? City Guesser is a game that will pique your interest. Basically, you’ll be shown first-person videos of a random city around the world. Then, based on environmental clues, you have to guess which city and which country it is. When you’re ready to guess, place a marker on the world map and the game will tell you how far away you were. For those looking for a slightly easier challenge, you can also play the game nationally, so you can only see cities in the US, UK, etc.

6. Dona 2 “I’ve invested thousands of hours of my life in it, and I see myself investing thousands more. Dota is more than just a game; it’s an ever-changing battlefield where boundaries are tested and friendships are formed. Of course, every competitive game has limits, but Dota is unique in how many tests it tests at a time. There’s the massive amount of information you have to learn, the hundreds of items and spells, and the endless interactions between them. You will need to hone your reflexes, strategize, and remember to be patient with yourself and others.


Red Dead Redemption 2 mod adds bug-free Red Dead Online gear to campaign

By Online gear

A Red Dead Redemption 2 mod lets you incorporate Red Dead Online-exclusive weapons and items into Rockstar’s expansive sandbox campaign, without any of the previous worries about bugs or RDR2 glitches.

Red Dead Online features a range of weapons and items that can only be used in the western’s multiplayer mode. Although modders have already had success adding this material to the single-player experience of Red Dead Redemption 2, it has resulted in a variety of bugs and performance issues, particularly with the animations during melee attacks. body.

A new mod, however, being used in conjunction with an older project, Red Dead Offline, allows players to use exclusive content from Red Dead Online in single-player play without dealing with any likely bugs or issues. Created by EnergiDaan, Online Content Unlocker is billed as a “native mod solution that unlocks Red Dead Online content without interrupting the story mode experience.” Full installation instructions are provided, including how to use the mod with Red Dead Offline. This will grant you access to Red Dead Online’s vast arsenal of weapons in the single-player experience, as well as additional clothing, horse accessories, and legendary animal pelts that are otherwise locked in multiplayer.

Online Content Unlocker is now available at Nexus Mods and also comes with links to the original Red Dead Offline mod. While Rockstar’s focus is on GTA 6 – the leaks of which likely won’t be good for anyone – it’s a perfect way to continue experiencing what Red Dead Online has to offer.

And speaking of GTA 6, there’s plenty of new information about Rockstar’s upcoming crime masterpiece, which we’ve easily compiled in our GTA 6 release date, details and news guide. You might also want to try some of the other best western games or maybe some of the best PC multiplayer games.

Top 10 most played online games in the world right now

By Online games

The player decides whether it is a fun or boring game. These games were also voted among the most popular online in 2022. As players play and leave these games, the list may change.

There are many online games brought by internet. The new level of games is available worldwide. So you can play online all over the world. In this article, you will get the Top 10 most played online games in the world right now.

Top 10 most played online games in the world right now

The goal of the online game is for them to fight safely and cautiously. In online games, players will search for weapons and supplies for fighting players as they leave the playing area.

Players work together as a group to destroy the basic structure of opposing team’s designs in online games. The championship player character is under the control of the player to make the game interesting. Here is the list of top 10 most played online games in the world right now.


Source Image website

PUBBG game ranks among the best online games. It is one of the most popular online games. It is played with 100 players in two teams. Players must be alive until the end of each round. If they win, they will receive the “Winning and Winning Chicken Dinner”. The game can be played solo, in a duo or in a group of players.

2. DOTA 2

Source Image Website

DOTA 2. This is an online multiplayer game created to recreate Blizzard Entertainment. Two people are playing it. The player’s goal is to protect a specific fanbase card. For each player, the norm is to gain different experiences.

3. Apex Legends

Image source Website

Apex Legends, a multiplayer game, allows up to 23 teams to play on the island. It’s prudent to keep them safe, so they don’t get caught. They are the winner of the game if each team has at least one member still alive.


Source Image Website

Minecraft is a type of video game. It is not a 3D game with specific goals and objectives. They can achieve whatever they want. It’s a game about humans and creatures that build and eat. To build a structure, you need to use blocks such as dirt, lava, and tree trunks. This game is entertaining.

5. League of Legends

Source Image Website

League of Legends might not be the best known game, but it’s a great game that anyone can enjoy. Each level has its specificity. They can also choose their feelings and emotions for each game. The average time needed to play the game is 50 minutes.

6. Division 2

Source Image site

The Division 2 online multiplayer video game involves action and requires players to work together to complete objectives. Division 2 must be played by 8 players. This is the new version, not the old one.

7. Splatoon 2

Source Image Website

Splatoon 2: A colorful third-person multiplayer or single-player game. It is also available in single player mode. Turf War is the specific name of this game. Players can be part of 4v4 armies, and there can be occasional battles. Splatoon will also be introduced in 2020.

8. Fortnite Battle Royale

Image source Website

Fortnite Battle Royale – 100 players will compete for first place in this free online game. It is one of the most popular games, with over 5,000,000 players. You will have to build walls or collect obstacles or other items in this game. You can join a single combat team or be part of a larger group.

9. Counter Strike Global Offensive: (CS:GO)

Source Image Website

It is an online and offline first person shooter game. The game pits two teams against each other, each with their own goals. Terrorists can locate the site, ignite an explosive, then take hostages. Teams must free hostages or prevent bombs from going off. Participants receive a prize at the end of each round.

10. Hearthstone

Source Image Website

Hearthstone allows two players to play card games with 30 cards. Decks can be adjusted so that each player has the opportunity to create their power and their hero. Every game has a standard rule: the opponent must be defeated. It is cross-platform so players can play it on any device.

Top Reasons Why Even Movie Stars Enjoy Online Gambling

By Online games

There is a certain prestige associated with it

Casinos are often associated with glitz and glamour, and some countries have become adept at luring the rich and famous to their shores. Gambling venues in Singapore have become so popular partly due to their panache and the myriad of other exceptional facilities the country offers to a specific clientele. However, it’s not just Singapore that is associated with the glamor of the game; many other countries and city-states have managed to capitalize on celebrity culture. The most famous include:

• Las Vegas
• Macau
• Montenegro
• France
• Singapore
• Atlantic City

Like all of these countries, they are generally considered affluent holiday destinations. As a result, they actively market themselves to celebrities, who visit for the glamorous atmosphere involved.

It can provide a release of fame intensity

While many people lament that many celebrities are overpaid for their jobs, there’s no doubt that this is a stressful career path. Although they are usually generously rewarded, they must deal with the rigors of filming, paparazzi, and the general fandom that often surrounds their careers. They must do all this without doing anything that could tarnish their work and make it yesterday’s news. Consequently, it can be a lonely, empty and stressful existence. Gambling provides the opportunity to relieve some of that stress and just enjoy some gambling. Whether it’s roulette or gambling, the focus and skill required is often enough to distract from things that could affect their lives. Additionally, many of the top casinos have their own or are attached to very luxurious hotels that allow the celebrity to stay out of sight of the press and temporarily escape their hectic life.

It’s something fun to do with their often vast wealth

While not all celebrities are rich and famous, it’s safe to say that the most high-profile stars have pretty hefty bank accounts. Once they’ve bought a house, a car, and the dinosaur bones, what else do they do with a huge fortune? Visiting a casino and playing fun games is often the answer. Playing games that involve a heady mix of skill and luck for money is an enjoyable pastime and allows those who enjoy this activity to let off steam with their hard-earned cash.

It can be a great way to network with other people in the industry

As with any career, networking is often the path to huge success. After all, you can never truly progress without knowing the right people. The film and music industries are no different in this regard and often require intense networking to land certain parts or get records released. Glitzy casinos often provide these people with the perfect opportunity to network with each other in privacy and in a more relaxed atmosphere than an executive office. Moreover, industry players are also known to love the game for the same reasons as the celebrities themselves.

Careers that have stagnated could be revived

According to some people, bad news does not exist. Therefore, some actors might head to the casino in hopes of reviving a stagnant career. This is often achieved by informing celebrity gossip outlets that they will be at a particular location at a particular time. A casino is a great way to do this, as it gives the press a chance to write a newsworthy story while allowing the celebrity to retain some elusiveness.

Who are some famous gaming celebrities?

Now that you’ve read why celebrities might like to gamble, you’re probably wondering who the most active gamblers are…

Ben Affleck

Affleck is a well-known celebrity and has many successful movies under his belt. However, he is also known as an avid poker player in the casino scene. In fact, he took part in several tournaments and proved to be skilled in a range of card games.

Michael Phelps

Perhaps one of the most well-known and talented swimmers of his generation, Phelps is famous for the 23 gold medals he racked up at various Olympic Games. Although he has taken a break from his Olympic activities, he enjoys certain games and is said to be quite good at them.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen may have made headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past decade, but his acting skills are undeniable. Although he appears in various high-grossing movies and TV shows, he is more widely recognized for his quirky personality these days. In recent years, he has been heavily into gambling and is said to have spent hundreds of thousands on his hobby.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is well known for his acting abilities and acting skills (as well as his seemingly cocky personality). Maguire, or “Tugboat Maguire” as he would have told others to refer to him, was so influential in the gaming scene that he influenced the movie Molly’s Game. In fact, he was prosecuted for participating in a multi-million dollar illegal gambling ring on which the film was based.

Matt Damon

Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon has proven to be a hugely successful star since his debut alongside fellow player Ben Affleck in The Talented Mr. Rippley. However, he is also recognized on the scene as an avid poker player. It was also his involvement in the same longtime friend Tobey Maguire’s gambling network that first brought attention to his gambling habit.

Gambling is popular for a variety of reasons and for a range of people. Nonetheless, many celebrities seem drawn to such games for the thrill of the action, the glamor involved, and the chance to fill a void the game can’t provide.

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Which nations in the world love online games the most?

By Online games

Online casinos are a worldwide phenomenon, but some nations are exceptionally committed to the scene. Here are some key examples of the regions most interested in a virtual bet.

Internet gambling has become popular all over the world and the interest in it continues to grow every day. This is mainly due to the accessibility and convenience of the casinos, but also to the offer of games and free bonuses. Some regions are more active on the scene than others. It is very clear that some nations love betting and can’t get enough of it. Want to know which parts of the world are most inclined to gamble with money?

We are going to introduce them in this article and give some possible reasons why they love to play so much. Ready to start?

Why are online games so popular?

The online casino industry took off a few years ago and has been growing ever since. We are seeing an increase in the number of active users each month, and nothing seems to be stopping this upward trend. What exactly makes this game segment so popular with internet users? Well, the huge variety of games available in Australian online casinos and around the world is one thing. A range of slot machines such as Sun of Egypt or Wolf Treasure, other live hosted games or poker tournaments – is an attractive offer these days. The availability of these can be checked on the Internet, combined with casino reviews. Often players also get free bonuses and generous freebies for depositing.

Now that we know the most solid reason people love to gamble, it’s time to learn which nations love to gamble the most.


The ocean region is known for its passion for traditional video games, and things are no different when it comes to casinos. Aussies love fast-paced mini-games and slot machine simulators. You will find many Australian players in poker tournaments or high roller blackjack sessions. They have a wide selection of websites to choose from, as online casinos for USA players are constantly updated and reviewed. They can select the best provider through countless rankings and comparison sites. While Aussies might not be great in terms of nation size, their player base is surprisingly high. No wonder you see them everywhere you go in a virtual casino session. The most popular online games in Australia include roulette, texas hold’em and old-fashioned mini-games.


Canadians just can’t resist the game these days. However, they taste very different from Australians. Since the country has always been interested in sports, this is also reflected in its casino winnings. They are active in sports betting such as football, ice hockey and basketball. Canadian players often target leagues like the NFL, NBA or NHL. However, some risky bettors also like to try their luck in more specialized college leagues, which can lead to more upheaval and unexpected rewards.

Sport has always been an integral part of the Canadian way of life, even if you’re not very physically active. You can still be a dedicated fan by watching games and placing bets! Additionally, users from this country can be seen playing live hosted games such as Crazy Time or Baccarat, which are great for hitting giant jackpots and generous multipliers. We have a tip here: if you want to take sports betting tips from someone, you better pick Canadians!


This one might come as a surprise, but if you’ve ever played tournament poker, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Brazilians may not be very active in slot machines or other virtual mini-games, but they have one thing that interests them. They love participating in hold’em events and poker tournaments, no matter the stakes. You’ll see plenty of this in low-attendance competitions, but that’s just the beginning. There are several Brazilian professional poker players who deeply inspire others. Online casinos are full of successful Brazilian players, who often finish in first place in multi-table tournaments. And believe us, they are not easy opponents at all! But don’t be afraid of them, as they are friendly, despite their competitive nature.


The Portuguese have something in common with Brazil, and it’s not just the language. They also enjoy a great play session! You can spot Portuguese users playing in high-stakes roulette rooms or sitting at private blackjack tables. They are not afraid to take risks and real money gambling is perfect for them. They love joining tables with real casino hosts and chatting there. Who knows, maybe their high payouts are just adding to the social aspect of the game? Whatever the case, Portuguese players are known to score big in classic casino games, despite being perceived as the most disadvantageous and random. If you dream of learning to play blackjack or roulette like a pro, you better find a solid Portuguese player and learn from them! After that, they’ll be more than happy to test your skills and compete against you in a community event.


While online gaming is a popular thing all over the world, it’s definitely for a reason. Casinos are very good at attracting new people and keeping them active with free bonuses and a wide variety of games to choose from. A trusted casino has no problem retaining players and attracting more customers. Some websites are more globally oriented, while others try to target specific local communities or nations.

You are most likely to find the nations listed above at a huge global casino, but exceptions apply. A global website allows you to meet people from all over the world. In a small casino, you may be able to meet someone from your city and make friends! The choice is yours and you are equipped with all the knowledge. If you want to improve in a specific game area, you know which country to watch and learn from. Good luck!

The best most interesting and exciting online games of all time

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The PC is the most popular gaming platform in the world. It is also the most popular platform for video game developers, and according to statistics, 59% of all developers create their entertainment products solely for PC. No wonder people are looking for the best games for this platform with the growing popularity of personal computers.

Here we have collected the best online games for PC which are their most famous genre representatives. There will be no games like game of 3 patti play onlinebecause we are going to be interested in a different genre.

In our top, you can see these titles:

  • Destiny 2;
  • Monster Hunter: World;
  • Rust.

Apex Legends

Another free project of the battle royale genre, made in the universe of Titanfall. Players, divided into teams, compete on a vast battlefield and fight until victory. Unlike many other games of this genre, Apex Legends has characters with unique abilities: their innovative use and active interaction with partners will be the key to survival in difficult online matches.

Destiny 2

A popular co-op loot shooter has become even more popular with the transition to a free-to-play distribution model. It attracted a massive following of gamers who joined the full-scale war to save mankind. Moreover, despite its free-to-play, it is an expensive AAA project, which may surprise with the quality and quantity of content.

The developers have prepared paid add-ons that greatly expand the Destiny universe for those who find little adventure in the base version.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is a cooperative action game where players team up to hunt powerful monsters, gather resources, and build equipment to defeat even more dangerous monsters. An excellent adventure for a group of friends who can marvel at the beauty of the image and the richness of the game mechanics.


Online creativity and entertainment platform that rivals the hugely successful Minecraft. In Roblox, players create their games and dive into other players’ worlds, and their creativity here can be monetized by converting earnings on created content into real money.


A multiplayer sandbox game in which players can act together – or engage in battle on a vast map where they must dig, build, craft and fight. The game offers plenty of opportunities for creative flight, and mod support gives it nearly endless replayability.


A survival simulator in which anything can happen: in one match, you will fall prey to bloodthirsty cannibals; in another – find partners and together build a reliable fortress; and in the third – barely appearing on the server, you will engage in a desperate battle with the same newcomers. Rust generates a lot of exciting stories, and that’s probably the main value of the project.

black desert

Black Desert is one of the most popular modern MMORPGs that attracts players with beautiful visuals and complete freedom of action. Here, the rich choice of classes combines with sharp combat, and a vast open world becomes uncertain. Another advantage of this game is regular updates: the developers constantly replenish Black Desert with new content so that players don’t get bored.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The MMORPG is based on the cult series The Elder Scrolls, which can become a fascinating adventure for one player or exciting entertainment for the whole clan – here the developed storyline intersects with non-script activities, and the story of the world is constantly progressing, opening new pages of the gaming universe for players.

rocket league

“Racing soccer”, which since 2015 has been delighting fans of unusual sports competitions without losing the interest of the public. All thanks to addictive gameplay, exciting modes and regular replenishment of content – skins and customization items available in the game are enough to make your racing car different from others.

Dead in broad daylight

Tense asymmetrical horror in which a group of players attempt to survive, escaping a maniac, monster, or ghost controlled by another player. The project attracts audiences with a variety of game situations, a wide selection of heroes and villains, and an emphasis on teamwork – without coordinated interaction, players will quickly become the victims of the enemy.

Borderlands 3

It’s a fun cooperative action game, the sequel to the popular Borderlands series. This time, players will encounter an entire solar system with multiple planets, where they, as four warehouse seekers, must face off against the ruthless Calypso Twins, leaders of a mad cult. Humor, hurricane-like gameplay, and a billion different weapons are the hooks that hold Borderlands 3.

Path of exile.

Path of Exile is Diablo’s main rival in the slasher RPG genre, a dystopian game in which heroes fight thousands of monsters, improve their stats and collect loot. Path of Exile is constantly updated with new content and boasts impressive character development. Besides that, the game is free.

Line 2

The legendary MMORPG has captured the hearts of millions of gamers. Lineage 2 has won people’s love with its hardcore, emphasis on PvP component, rich game mechanics, and developed market model. Despite the relatively advanced age, “Lineage” does not think it will lose its audience: players who enjoy being immersed in its universe, not paying attention to the angular graphics.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

MMORPG is based on Final Fantasy franchise, which at first was not a big hit, then after major overhaul became very popular. It is one of the few story-oriented MMORPGs, which appeals to players with a healthy and thoughtful world, exciting classes, beautiful images and the absence of paid content.


An unusual MOBA in the third person, where not abstract heroes but gods and mythical creatures belonging to pantheons of different world civilizations clash. Zeus can team up with Thor, the Monkey King, and Baba-Yaga, and each character in the party plays a specific role – tank, defense, support, etc. The game is free and has good graphics and regular updates.

The Division 2

Sequel to popular MMO shooter about deadly virus infection in USA trying to be rescued by secret agents. This time the action moves from New York to Washington DC, and players will get a new storyline, classes, gear, and other content.

The Division 2 is all about co-op passing, so to get the most out of the game, you need to prepare a team of friends to join the post-apocalyptic world.

World War Z

Despite the apparent similarity to Left 4 Dead 2, the co-op shooter World War Z may offer new experiences for fans of Valve’s cult zombie action. The game will take players to the streets of major cities around the world, throw them into the meat grinder with thousands of monsters and offer to fight in a unique PvPvZ mode. You never get bored here, and the company for the common passage can be found in seconds.


Survival simulator in the world of a zombie apocalypse, which features realistic gameplay and the generation of hundreds of different situations – from encountering a horde to encountering a group of marauders.

This sandbox has won the love of the public because of its authenticity and sense of freedom – no rules or restrictions, and each player is free to do as they wish: survive alone, be selfless and help strangers encountered, or play a rough role. bandit, ready to kill for a can of stew.

sea ​​of ​​thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves has taken the main sin of ambitious online games. Upon release, the game was “empty”, offering minimal content, for which he received tomatoes in his direction. But over the years, Rare has improved its competition, which has managed to wash its reputation and conquer an impressive audience.

Today, Sea of ​​Thieves is one of the top online games on Steam, with a daily viewership of 20-30,000 players. Interestingly, in June 2021 the game was visited by Jack Sparrow himself – Sea of ​​Thieves lives and thrives.

By gameplay, this is a pirate action game, where you will feel the life of a sea robber and search for treasure, control the ship, fight with skeletons and other pirates and have a good time. moment.

The best ways for sports fans to make money playing online games

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Online games have been around for quite some time and their popularity has only increased recently. With the advent of technology, people can now play their favorite games from the comfort of their homes. And with the rise of online games, it is possible to win cash prizes.

Sports fans are always looking for ways to earn extra money. And what better way to do that than by playing their favorite games? Here are some of the best ways for sports fans to make money playing games online:

Play fantastic sports

fantasy sports is a game where players draft, trade and manage virtual teams of real-world athletes. And with the help of online platforms, players can now compete against other fantasy sports enthusiasts around the world.

Additionally, many fantasy sports sites offer cash prizes to winners. So if you think you have what it takes to put together a winning team, you should give fantasy sports a try.

Daily fantasy sports is a twist on traditional fantasy sports games. The main difference is that in everyday fantasy sports, you only have to manage your team for a day or a week instead of an entire season.

It makes the game much easier and takes less time. And like regular fantasy sports, many daily fantasy sports sites offer cash prizes to winners.

Bet on sports

You can try sports betting if you are looking for a riskier way to make money playing online games.

Many online platforms allow users to bet on their favorite sports teams and athletes. If you choose a winner from your selections, you can earn a decent amount of money. However, it is important to remember that sports betting is risky and you can lose a lot of money if you are not careful.

Before placing a bet, make sure you do your research to find a reputable site and understand the odds. It’s always a good idea to bet with money you can afford to lose.

Play online casino games

If you are looking for a more exciting way to make money playing online games, then you should try online casino games. Many casino games are available online, ranging from slots and poker to blackjack and roulette.

As technology continues to improve, the world of online casinos is also improving. You can now play bitcoin casino games, which offer even more chances to win cash prizes. If you are interested, check out this ultimate list bitcoin casinos. They offer a wide range of casino games and an opportunity to win big. You can review the pros and cons of each casino to find the best one for you. Learn more about the different games and their rules before playing is crucial to give you the best chance of winning.

Join an online poker tournament

Poker is another popular game that you can play online for cash prizes. Poker games have seen many changes in recent years, thanks to the rise of online poker tournaments.

If you are good at poker, you can participate in an online tournament and compete against other players from all over the world. The prize money of these tournaments can be quite significant.

Online poker tournaments are a great way to test your skills and win some cash. However, it is important to remember that poker is a game of luck and skill. So make sure you understand the rules before joining a tournament.

Play online trivia games

If you are a fan of quizzes, you will be happy to know that there are now many online quiz platforms that offer cash prizes to winners.

If you think you are a quiz specialist, you can test your knowledge and compete against other players from all over the world. For each correct answer, you will earn points. You don’t have to be the first to answer correctly, but the more points you have, the better your chances of winning.

Play bingo online

Bingo is another popular game that you can now play online. And like other games, many online bingo platforms offer cash prizes to winners.

Online bingo is much like the traditional game, but with a few twists. For example, in online bingo, you don’t have to manually check off the numbers on your card. The game will do this for you automatically.

Players can also choose to play multiplayer games, which can be a lot of fun. You can win great cash prizes if you finish the tournament with the most points.

These are just a few of the many ways to make money playing games online. So, if you are looking for a way to earn some extra money, why not give it a try? You might get lucky and walk away with a nice prize.

Top 10 New Online Games for Fall 2022

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Yesterday was the first Sunday in the NFL and a record number of Americans are expected to bet on football this season. Despite the start of football, our gaming eyes cannot overlook the new games that keep coming our way. Here we take a look at 10 new online games that players can enjoy since our last edition.

10. Goblin Race
Goblin Run follows a goblin named Gnos, who longs to get his hands on a dragon’s treasure. The dragon must continually fend off the Gnos to keep its things safe.

The Gnos must escape unscathed from the dragon dungeon, while collecting coins while running. It’s up to players to protect the brave troll and help him avoid the many pitfalls of the arcade game.

There is also a 1,000x multiplier available for the few who manage to help the charming goblin in his attempt to snatch the precious gold from the dragon.

9. Lady Fortuna
In Lady Fortuna, six or more scatter symbols trigger the respin feature, with the symbols remaining on the reels until the mode ends.

In the 5×3 slot, an orb-draw feature gives the chance to win respins or bonus games. If players win a bonus game, the title plays one of nine scenarios with 6, 9, or 15 spins up for grabs with 25, 100, or 200 wild symbols added to the reels.

8. Raging Pop
Throughout the game in RagingPop, a Golden Rhino acts as a super high symbol, paying with just a combination of two symbols, instead of three.

Additionally, each time the reels spin, the Raging Reel feature can be triggered, which will see the Rhinos rampage across the screen, raising the height of the reels and adding multipliers to the matrix that can reach up to 500x.

Three or more scatter symbols will award Bonus Spins mode, which initiates a multi-stage game mode, where players can spin a game wheel for an increased number of spins if successful. Multiple successful spins can lead to the awarding of up to 30 spins.

7. Monopoly Big Baller
Monopoly Big Baller, an online bingo-style game, features live automated ball drawing and a live game host, augmented reality Mr. Monopoly, and lots of multipliers.

Monopoly Big Baller is based on the world famous board game and includes familiar Monopoly features such as dice rolls, Chance and Free Space cards, Go To Jail spaces, and more.

In the ball drawing machine, bouncing balls come out, numbers are matched and lines are completed on cards. The more lines the players make, the more they win. Cards can be filled with surprises such as bonuses and additional free spaces.

6. Wolf Gold Power Jackpot
Wolf Gold Power Jackpot sees players returning to the American Prairies from the original 2017 title, Wolf Gold.

Bonus spins will become available when three scatters land on the base game reels. Respins occur when six or more full moons land, taking players to a Hold and Win style bonus round. Players are given three rounds to land as many currency symbols as possible, each with a monetary value.

The PowerJackpot feature is a two-step process that is activated when all five reels become gold in a single spin. This transfers the player to a jackpot mini-game, where they are matched against the Power Wheel. This has two tiers, the first displaying bet multipliers that guarantee a base prize of at least 10x, and the jackpot tier, where players can win one of four jackpots.

5. Dig it
The arcade title pits up to eight players against each other in their digging machines to see who can dig the deepest to earn the biggest rewards. The deeper they go, the more diggers will be greeted with increased gem multipliers with an impressive 50x up for grabs.

In Dig It, players should proceed with caution, as their potentially rewarding excavation carries the risk of underground power cables that are poised to halt their progress and force players back to the top.

The miners who dig the deepest will be eligible to receive a digger bonus worth up to an additional 100x.

4. Blood and Gold
The 5×3 slot features symbols depicting the leaders of the warring red and blue factions as the highest paying symbols in the game, along with an array of trebuchets and war horns that must form matching combinations across the 25 paylines. payment of Blood and Gold to award a win.

Six or more scatter symbols landing during any round of the base game reward rounds of battle, with a choice of red or blue realms presented to the player. Initially awarding three lives and therefore three respins, money symbols can be laid on the game board and collected as prizes.

However, a battle between the rulers of each kingdom at the end of each round decides whether these prizes are awarded. Choosing the losing kingdom negates all wins for that round and loses one of the three given lives.

3. 9 Burning Stars
In 9 Burning Stars, before players can access the Hold the Jackpot bonus round, they must complete the Bonus Matrix field in the base game. When full, the Matrix Collector symbols accumulate all the values ​​of the money symbols and add their values ​​to the center reel of the Hold the Jackpot game.

In the Hold the Jackpot bonus round, your chances of winning increase due to the variety of bonus symbols. Look for Cash symbols that award prizes ranging from 1x to 10x, 12x and 15x. The Collector symbol collects all the values ​​of the Cash symbols and multiplies them randomly by 1x-9x.

Wazdan’s Gamble feature is also included in this slot. This feature gives you the opportunity to double each of your wins up to seven times in a row. Each time you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

2. Silver Galaxy
In Cash Galaxy, all players have to do is place bets in three betting areas and watch the interstellar action unfold.

Once all the bets have been placed, an astro-traveler takes off and takes off into the sky. Each user must decide the best time to cash out and collect the winnings, before the character crashes and the round ends.

The arcade game rewards players for their bravery, as the users who last the longest could be awarded a maximum win worth 10,000x.

1. Neko Night Dream Drop
Neko Night Dream Drop is a 5×4 slot that features 1,024 ways to win and offers players a maximum top prize of 20,000x.

Wild cards are present on reels two, three and four. Landing a wild symbol improves all other wild symbols that land on the same reel by increasing their multiplier by one, awarding the Neko Respin feature. Respins continue as long as wild symbols continue to land during the feature. Wins formed via multiple wild symbols will have their values ​​multiplied together.

The Dream Drop Bonus takes players to a new game screen where Blank Symbols or Golden Koi Dream Drop Symbols can land. Golden Koi symbols are collected and contribute towards the jackpot requirement, once enough have been collected the corresponding jackpot is won.

Most popular online games of 2022

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In 2022, the gaming industry has expanded to include all kinds of variety. While some games have remained the same for centuries, like chess, other games have become immersive and complex experiences using futuristic technology.

Thanks to the internet, you can get the best of both worlds when it comes to gaming. Below is a list of online games people will love in 2022.

Online gaming has taken off

Online games have taken off in recent years, with more and more people playing together online. There are various titles to choose from, and due to growing demand, more and more are coming out all the time. Many experts believe that the gambling industry could even be Nigeria’s next big moneymaker.

It is easy to understand why. There are many different genres of online games that developers can create, such as MMOs, real-time strategy games, and card games. While these titles may differ in gameplay, they all share certain social qualities. There are now entire communities online that focus on a single game.

With so many different types of online games available, there is something for everyone. Here are some favorites in 2022.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular online games to date. This one is a battle royale-style game, which means players are dropped onto a large map and must battle others to be the last person standing.

Apex Legends brings a unique twist to the Battle Royale genre, which has helped it stand out from other games. For one thing, each character (or legend) has a different ability, so learning how those abilities complement each other is an exciting experience. Having to collaborate with others are also interesting strategies.

Apex Legends is also free to play, which has helped attract even more players. The game is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Many consider Fortnite to be a sister to Apex Legends, as it’s also a battle royale game. However, Fortnite came out a few years earlier. It has been downloaded over 125 million times and has over 40 million active players.

Fortnite and Apex Legends share a lot of things including a dynamic shooter setup, a full arsenal of weapons, and great skins. However, Fortnite shines more when it comes to the social aspect of the game.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has expressed interest in the Metaverse. He, along with other Epic Games developers, has been working to incorporate concerts and movie screenings into Fortnite, giving players a sense of exclusivity.

Fortnite is available on various platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s free to play, although players can purchase in-game items to upgrade their character.

Online Poker: Texas Hold’em

Online poker is a classic favorite that unites people around the world. It’s a game of strategy and skill that challenges players to think creatively in order to defeat their opponents. Poker, like many mental and physical sports, is a game that takes years to master. Novices and seasoned experts are always learning new things, making for a dynamic and rewarding game.

One of the things that makes poker so vibrant is its variations, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, High Low Chicago, and more. However, of all the variations, Texas Hold’em is the most popular version. There’s always plenty of excitement and suspense as players constantly try to outsmart and outsmart each other, allowing for stimulating conversation via the in-game chat.

Since there are so many people playing online, several websites have hosted Texas Hold’em tournaments. When opponents face off at the poker table, they can determine who has the best skills.

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the oldest games on this list and for that reason has quite a die-hard fanbase. It is a multiplayer online battle arena game released in 2009. The game is free to play, but players can purchase in-game items to upgrade their characters.

Similar to World of Warcraft, two teams of five players must compete and destroy their opponents’ base. Each player controls a character with unique abilities, so how they work with their teammates plays a huge role in their likelihood of success.

League of Legends is one of the most played video games in the world. With the release of Riot Games’ Arcane series, there are more active players than ever. The developers estimate that around 180 million people log on to play each month.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky takes an interesting twist on the other titles on this list. The game is an open-world exploration title that allows players to travel to different planets and discover new life forms. It has been praised for its stunning graphics and unique gameplay.

Millions of players have downloaded No Man’s Sky since its release. The game has been nominated for several awards, including the BAFTA Evolving Game Award 2022 and Game of the Year in 2016.

The best online games for your iPhone

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Mobile games are getting better and better. Although they are great when played alone, some of them become much more exciting when played with our friends or other people. Whether you’re following strangers in a thrilling battle royale or beating your friends pulp in a local multiplayer brawl, playing with others takes the game to a different level. Most iPhone games are for single player which can work if you want to kill a few minutes while waiting in line. However, the real fun is taking on your friends in multiplayer battles. There are several multiplayer games you can play on your new iPhone, from first-person shooters and mobile slots to battle royales and casual racing games.

5 Most Exciting iOS Online Multiplayer Games

There are many types of multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad, but the main thing is to get a solid gaming experience. Although there are tons of games that support multiplayer, some of them really stand out. Here is a list of some of the most exciting games you should try with your friends.

Among us

Although it was released in 2018, Among us has undoubtedly grown in popularity over the past couple of years. The social deduction and puzzle-solving game certainly has good reason to become a hit – it’s a storehouse of fun.

You are part of a crew of space travelers, each of whom has a set of tasks to perform, but apparently not everyone is good. A maximum of three crew members are shapeshifting imposters whose ulterior motive is to sabotage the mission and kill the rest of the crew. If you can figure out these imposters and convince the rest of the crew, they may be ejected from the spaceship, but if you vote against the wrong person, you’ll lower your chances of success.

Pokemon GO

Even after five years, the game still tops the charts for countless reasons. One of the most popular mobile games of all time, Pokemon GO combines the excitement and nostalgia of classic Pokémon games with real-world data to form one of the most enjoyable games.

Pokemon GO can be played from anywhere, and your gameplay changes are based on your current location. All of your in-game activities are based on real-life locations that require you to travel and roam around your locality to hunt and catch wild Pokemon. The game even takes time of day and local weather data as input to give you an immersive experience.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Is Asphalt one of your favorite mobile racing game series? If so, you will surely like to play Asphalt 9: Legends on your brand new iPhone. Being one of the best racing games, it becomes all the more exciting to play with friends. Ditch all pretenses of realism and dive into an over-the-top, high-octane game that has it all.

The game lets you progress through the career mode, unlock new cars, upgrade the ones you already own, and most excitingly, compete in online competitions where you play live multiplayer. Apart from the usual racing modes, you will also find a new quirky mode called Infected in multiplayer, where players must tag other racers before succumbing to an explosive virus.

Genshin Impact

If you’re a fan of RPGs, you’ll like Genshin Impact. A gacha-based open-world game that puts you in the role of an interstellar traveler who, along with your twin, has become trapped on the planet of Teyvat, ruled by gods and monsters. Team up to compete in extremely difficult boss battles and events.

Your task is to assemble a team of four elemental-aligned heroes to explore the world, defeat monsters, and uncover the hidden mysteries of the planet. The game supports cross-platform play and has amazing multiplayer options. Except for a few important quests and battles, all other aspects of the game feel best when played with friends.


If you haven’t played Uno once in your life, you’ve missed out on one of the most popular card games. Luckily, now you can easily play Uno on your iPhone. UN! supports a variety of game modes, including the all-time favorite classic, all taking place in real time. You can play solo or in partnership to play against the computer or your family and friends or even other players.

The game offers a wide variety of customization options where you get a catalog to decide the rules of the game. You have the freedom to make each game unique, modify things as you wish and keep the level of excitement high .


The list above has something for everyone, whatever your taste. Whether it’s smashing things or shouting Uno, you’re sure to find a game to enjoy.

Cybercriminals use online games like Minecraft, Roblox, Far Cry to insert powerful malware on gadgets

By Online games

A team of security researchers discovered that nearly 25% of malicious files are spread by Minecraft-related files. FIFA (11%), Roblox (9.5%), Far Cry (9.4%), Call of Duty (9%), Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto are also abused by hackers.

Cybercriminals seem to be finding new ways to circumvent security barriers to attack more and more users. In a new study, security researchers have discovered that cybercriminals are using the popular game title Minecraft to trick gamers into downloading dangerous malware. A team of security researchers found that nearly 25% of malicious files are spread by Minecraft-related files via game brand abuse. Not only Minecraft, but other game titles like FIFA (11%) , Roblox (9.5%), Far Cry (9.4%), Call of Duty (9%), Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, Valorant, The Sims and GS:GO is also abused by hackers.

According to Kaspersky, mobile games have a lower volume of distribution than PC games and Minecraft dominates with a 40% share, followed by GTA (15%), PUBG (10%), Roblox (10%) and FIFA ( 5%). ).

Why do hackers use popular game titles to attract users?

Hackers are massively using game titles to lure people in, as these abused game titles have tens of millions of users. Moreover, these games also include in-game economics by promising “easy progression” through hacks, valuables and the like to attract users.

Kaspersky has even highlighted some of the in-game scam item stores that look like originals and trick players into paying for items they will never get. Hackers also use this trick to steal user’s account credentials.

According to Kaspersky statistics, most malicious files targeting gamers are downloaders which account for 88.5% of all detected infections.

Other types of threats that hold significant accounts are adware (4.2%) and Trojans that steal user data or give hackers remote access to the victim’s device (3%) . The research agency also shared that in many cases, information thieves, cryptocurrency miners, or both are dropped onto the victim’s computer via these games.

So, if you love games and keep buying in-game items, make sure you are not a victim of cybercrime.

gom: GoM seeks advice from legal panel for GST on online skill games

By Online games
The Group of Ministers (GoM) tasked with deciding the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on online gambling, horse racing and casinos is considering whether online games of skill should be treated differently from these games of chance.

The committee, led by Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, which met on Monday, contacted the legal committee on the legal aspect of such differential treatment, officials familiar with the deliberations told ET.

The decision to seek legal advice comes after online gambling companies cited various court orders that distinguished games of skill from games of chance.

The GoM previously decided to recommend a 28% GST levy on gross gaming revenue for online gambling. He has now asked for more time to submit his final recommendations.

“The question is not about the levy, but about the legality of clubbing games of chance and games of skill together as bets,” an official said. “Therefore, legal advice is essential before final submission to avoid any litigation in the future.”

Gambling industry representatives met with Treasury Department officials last month, discussing why a game of skill should be taxed differently. The industry has argued that online games of skill are protected by Section 19(1)(g) and Section 301 of the Constitution.

Some of the GoM members pointed out that the differential rate could lead to new disputes, as there is no standard definition of a game of skill, the official said.

The GST Council wants the report by September 10, another official said, adding that the decision will depend on legal clarity on the issue. The GoM was due to submit its report on August 10, but had taken an extension.

“Chaired a GoM meeting on casinos, racetracks and online gambling in New Delhi,” Sangma said in a tweet after the meeting.

5 Years Ago This Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Shooter Changed Online Gaming Forever

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During for three chaotic years I had slain gods, saved time itself from being destroyed, and performed dozens of other impossible feats of heroism through space magic called Light. Then came a brash alien emperor with the courage and technology to take it all away.

Since the release of the first game in September 2014, the Fate The franchise has always been an otherworldly power trip. Set in the distant future long after an apocalypse that humanity narrowly survived, it’s decidedly science fiction. And yet, the way it approaches magic is on par with the greatest high fantasy epics. You can channel the hell of a star into a hand cannon that can go through anything, or maybe turn your whole body into a floating lightning rod that would make Emperor Palpatine cry.

Fate has always been good at making you feel powerful, so for Destiny 2 removing that power at the start of the original campaign released in September 2017 – five years ago – was downright groundbreaking. It’s a pity that you still can’t play it anymore.

The official Destiny 2 launch trailer.

Out of nowhere, a fleet of Cabal (a race of chonky, highly militaristic alien rhinos) attacks the Last City on Earth, and they even hijack the great orb called the Traveler that empowers the countless Guardians protecting the city. Throughout Destiny’s three-year run, the Tower was the game’s social hub where Guardian players teleported to collect bounties, organize their stored gear, and dance alongside their favorite NPCs – all from a third-party perspective. nobody.

Destiny 2However, the thrilling opening mission disorients you by putting you in your battle-ready first-person perspective. You look at your home with new eyes as it is destroyed, and you fight alongside characters who, for the most part, were never more than talking heads. You shoot a group of aliens, then face off against Cabal leader Dominus Ghaul.

Just when you’re about to destroy this rude rhinoceros, Ghaul activates a device that siphons light from the traveler, rendering you utterly helpless. Without the space magic that resurrected your ancient pile of bones in the middle of nowhere in Russia a few years ago, you’re just a wobbling corpse.

Ghaul makes no effort when he sees you from the top of his ship, and you fall into oblivion.

Psycho! You wake up two days later barely able to move and have to sneak around (in third person, another change that felt pretty new to Fate) out of a dangerous place. For a fast-paced game with great gunplay, it just feels claustrophobic as you head for a pistol and limited ammo, then a submachine gun. A pack of Cabal War Beasts (alien dogs) descend on you just before you go to the desert. Normally you can mow down these bad boys with ease and glee, but you’re feeling hopeless here just trying to survive.

Because, you know, you’re still basically a limping corpse.

The Cabal War Beast is my favorite Destiny enemy to destroy.Bungie

Inevitably, a stray shard from the Traveler summons the player character, a beacon of light in the darkness that allows you to rekindle the Light needed to fight the Darkness. This gives you enough power to eventually defeat Ghaul and reactivate the Light for everyone. But all that conceit offers a compelling narrative reason for your character to start with a clean slate in the sequel. Fate has always had a strong ludonnarrative: your chirping little robot Ghost channels light to resurrect you countless times, even giving player vs. player matches some canonical logic in the Destinyverse.

It’s part of what makes it a complete disappointment that the opening storyline of Destiny 2dubbed “The Red War”, is currently unplayable as it is locked in the Destiny 2 Content Vault, which began in 2020. Essentially, the developers created an in-universe reason to shroud huge swathes of content in a cloud of darkness. (Hey there ludonarrative!) Practically speaking, it made entire expansions and planets unplayable. Mars, for example, was a staple from the very beginning of Destiny, but the Darkness swallowed it as it made its way to beyond the light. It was not until Savathûn came to power in February 2022 The Witch Queen that the Darkness sent him away.

“Instead of building a Destiny 3 and leave D2 behind, every year we will be pushing older, less actively played content out of the live game and into what we call the Destiny Content Vault (DCV),” Bungie’s 2020 community manager wrote. reason was to keep the overall game size more manageable. This makes sense especially for Red War, which involves a number of unique game environments. The real secret sauce in Destiny 2The game’s design is all about recycling and revamping the same environments to tell new stories, so the Red War campaign is probably massive by comparison.

The next major expansion scheduled for February 2023, fall of lightintroduces a new source of dark power called The Strand.Bungie

Allow diversion here, but why isn’t it fair”Fate” with rolling annual updates that revamp the core experience? This is essentially what is already happening.

Fate always felt like a pioneering new game model. In 2014, everyone had a hard time describing Fate in simple terms. It was a looter-shooter at a time when the subgenre was still gaining traction, but it also had a strong focus on online multiplayer. Still, it wasn’t quite the FPS MMORPG that some believed. This was several years before Battle Royale games popularized the live service model, so Fate endured some growing pains and an identity crisis or two trying to figure out where he fits in the industry. (It’s only Destiny 2: Shadow Warden in 2019 that the developers finally accepted the “MMO” label.)

Destiny 2 was a soft reboot that felt decidedly different from both Fate and everything that was available at the time. While I will always have fond memories of the original, I have even fonder memories of how my obsession with Destiny 2 comes and goes with each new major content update – and some of the most interesting seasons in between.

Really, Destiny 2 is better than it’s ever been right now, but five years after its launch, I’m still vaguely annoyed that there’s even a “2” attached to its title. I’m also looking forward to maybe hopefully replaying Red War at some point.

Why are online games so exciting?

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Many online gamers are quickly making Satta Online their favorite game. It is also fair to say that it resembles the Indian lottery and is currently perhaps too popular in terms of the number of participants. But what exactly was the catalyst for the game’s rise to fame?

First of all, it should be noted that Satta online is, in general, a simple game. However, this can be made as complicated as the user wishes, just like with many online gambling activities. So, for example, you could pretend it’s a simple outside lottery, with three cards drawn in two separate draws and bets placed on the sum of the cards in one or both draws.

And it’s entirely up to the players how they want to play the game. But you can also go a step further and bet on cards that show the same numbers drawn in one or both draws. Alternatively, you can bet on the combined total values ​​of the cards drawn in the first and second draws. There are different markets to research, just like when betting on football online. Online slot games are therefore a reasonable substitute for some people as there is less to figure out and all the attention can be focused on the spinning reels.

However, for many people, the intricacies, intricacies, and flexibility of Satta Online make it such a beloved game. It’s easy to see why this is so, given the large number of betting options and outcomes available. Additionally, you could say that it depends on a bettor’s willingness to gather new information and hone their abilities over time. Jodi bets, Single Anks, panas and other strategies can be used in a game plan, but they must first be understood, including their pros and cons.

You know, although the basic rules are simple to understand, the intricacies can be a bit tricky for players, even though Satta Online is very popular. Because there’s a learning curve, it’s not a game that everyone can jump into and start getting good at. But you could also say it’s an added benefit because mastering the game will increase your chances of long-term success. Satta continues to be a game for everyone and anyone because it is a game of chance. It can be enjoyed by players in its most basic form, and it’s a lot of fun.