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12 Best Online Games to Play at Work in Your Free Time

By August 15, 2022September 21st, 2022Online games

These are the best addictive online games to play at work when you literally have nothing to do. Playing games to pass the time online can be fun and productive. It helps reduce your stress and gives you a happy and healthy state of mind. When you are doing repetitive work or boring office work, every time you get a short break, you have to think about what to do in your free time.

Instead of scrolling through Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, you can play these games online. These games are addictive but useful. These games to pass the time online can help you reduce stress, improve your decision-making skills, and also improve your mental and emotional abilities. So what are you waiting for check out our list of online games and make good use of your time?

Here are the best games to pass the time when you’re on a break from work:

1. Accident planning

Crash Planning game is a desktop application game and one of the best game to play online. It’s as easy as a block swapping game. If you’re bad at games, don’t panic. This game quickly grabs your attention. When you are stuck in your boring job and want to have fun, play this game right away. Crash Planning is similar to Candy Crush but here it looks like Excel sheets.

Just combine three or more blocks of the same color and line them up to make them disappear. There is also a timer and speed can earn you points. Just in case, if someone shows up, you can directly click the space bar and the worksheets will empty. The game will close automatically.

online crash planning game
daily stitch

2. Type Racer

Many people use their laptops and computers for work and it is part of their life. If you want to make good use of the computer, the Type Racer game is for you. This game is an online typing game where you can compete with each other in typing speed.

The game gives a little quote or a paragraph or whatever. You have to complete things with a word in the shortest possible time as you race against other players. Your speed will be traced by a car. Also, you get to know your typing skills, believe me, it’s a really interesting game.

typeracer, pass the time game

3. Cube field

The Cube Land Game is a simple yet attractive game. This game is famous all over the world. This game is also about racing where you have been placed in the middle of a field. This game has only two controls – left and right.

Using the keys on your keyboards, you must control and prevent your ship from hitting cubes. If you can’t do it, you’re doomed. Remember that when you start getting good at this game, the game speed increases. It will engage you even more.

Field of cubes, boring games

4. The Maze

The maze is an amazing game. This is a puzzle game based on Christopher Manson’s book “The Maze”. This game is made in a simple text format identical to the book. The game includes each page of the book having a door that opens to different pages. Your goal is to find the route from page 1 to page 45 and come back with the shortest route possible.

game to play when you're bored, The Labyrinth

5. Karoshi Employee Suicide

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman game has a hilarious purpose. Karoshi is a Japanese word which itself means “death from overwork”. He commits suicide in very interesting and novel ways. Each stage of this game is a new challenge. 50 smart living levels and in the end it’s a boss fight. Your objective is to find different methods to kill yourself. Try this weird but fun game.

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman, free online desktop games

6. Daymare Town Series

Daymare Town Series is a great collection of mystery puzzles. Your objective is to find a way to escape from the city in which you are trapped. Features of this game are scary like artwork and music, it is kind of horror. Play this weird game and fun game. One of the best games to play when you’re bored on the computer.

Daymare Town Series

7. Golden Panic

Gold Panic is a game of skill and strategy. Here you have to dig a path inside the mine. Your goal is to help the gold digger by collecting gold in a small cart. Beware of ants you will find them in the mine because if they attack you, the game is over. Complete the mission and proceed to the next level. The game is endless and great for passing the time.

Gold Panic game online

8. Snow line

The Snow Line is full of games of logic and skill. This game is related to Christmas theme. Here you have to make a snow line for Santa’s sleigh to slide. But be careful what line or hill you draw. Listed among the free games to play when you are bored you can try this flash game and have fun.

Snow line 2
double games


QWOP is a very interesting game that you should definitely try now. In this game, an athlete competes in an Olympic Games 100 meter event. You have to control the athlete’s leg using only the Q, W, O and P keys on the keyboard and prevent him from falling and moving forward in the game. This is the most difficult game.

QWOP online game

10. Quiz Machine

Trivia Machine is a very cool, simple, fun and challenging game. Here you have to play quizzes from 9 different categories like music, sports, movies, history and many more. You have three different levels: Elemental, Scholar, and Genius. These 9 different categories will challenge you. The higher the difficulty, the more points you get.

question machine

11. Office Dungeons

A two-dimensional one-player Desktop Dungeons is a logical online game. Here you have to kill the “bad monster playing the role of Boss”. In 2011 he appeared on the Indie games stage. It is a very popular online game to play while working. Mainly prepares to play during a 10-20 minute break, such as a coffee break and a lunch break.

Player Feedback – It’s pretty much a simple and fun game. Enjoy your break with this cool online game.

office dungeons

12. HRmageddon

HRmageddon is an online fighting game usually played in an office. It’s similar to Game of Thrones, imagine the scenario in the office. This is a free single player game and more than one person can play this game.

Mostly built by the folks at Adult Swim. In this game, you have to build teams of special employees and start maintaining departments. It is a game suitable for beginners because it is a turn-based game and the characters in this game can develop more enthusiasm.