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10 online games with the best Halloween events

By October 16, 2022November 2nd, 2022Online games

Halloween is almost upon millions, and many gamers can get their seasonal fix in many of the most popular online video games, continued success Endwalker Downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIV at Surveillance. Developers who hold Halloween-themed events are particularly good at MMORPGs and other games as a service, providing fun excuses to dive back into their respective worlds for special activities.

This holiday offers some of the most fun and festive seasonal content for gaming, including the likes of The end of holiness in the titan MMO World of Warcraft and the new battle royale mode in Apex Legends.


Destiny 2

Ancient Halo Bungie developers shot its original Fate series into a game-as-a-service juggernaut in the marketplace, and Destiny 2 was received as a marked improvement over its ancestor. The Festival of the Lost The event starts on October 18 and, as expected, will give players the chance to get a variety of spooky-themed gear and cosmetics.

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Some of the armor is community-driven by vote, but there should also be appropriate gameplay content. Past events have incorporated Halloween-themed objectives and missions that players can participate in with Fireteams.

World of Warcraft

However Final Fantasy XIV has arguably taken the crown for best MMORPG since its resurgence, World of Warcraft remains a mainstay of the subgenre. Additionally, the game has a long tradition with Halloween, as every October the game hosts the The end of holiness an event.

It usually runs from mid-October to early November, giving players a variety of fun side content to participate in, from trick-or-treating to purchasing special items, mounts, and more. One of the great calls of The end of holinesshowever, is a chance to defeat the Headless Horseman seasonal boss for high-tier loot.

Even if it wasn’t as dramatic as FFXIVthe start, The Elder Scrolls Online had a similar turnaround to become a solid MMORPG, thanks to post-launch support. It may not be the top rated Ancient Scrolls game among most longtime fans, but it’s considered a respectable entry that deepens the rich lore of the fantasy RPG franchise.

And as with its MMORPG contemporaries, ESO to the witches party to capitalize on the season with special items, cosmetics, and even gameplay-enhancing items. The cauldron keepsake transforms the character into a skeleton for entertaining visuals, but it also increases player experience gains. Likewise, it also has the Crowborne Horror themed boss and unique unlockable armor pieces.


Fortnite is a dominant force in the game as a whole, with a dedicated year-round playerbase. Much of the call to Fortnite – aside from its addictive gameplay loop – is the constant influx of cosmetic items.

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Well nicknamed Fortnitemares, this event allows players to participate in fun new game modes outside of its conventional Battle Royale mode, as well as collect new skins and emotes. It’s an entertaining Halloween affair even if it’s not the most involved compared to other online games, but what’s provided plus community content is sure to attract plenty of players for the month.

Monitor 2

the original Surveillance became a sensation in the competitive team-based shooter subgenre on consoles and PC. Monitor 2 is finally out now, but it looks like this sequel will retain elements from the original Halloween event.

Fan favorite Junkenstein’s Revenge will return in the form of anger of the bride, this time with an updated game mode, new characters, and cosmetics. Its main draw is the PvE game mod that pits a team of players against each other in a kind of “tower defense” format to stop waves of enemies from invading the castle.

Pokemon GO

It may be a mobile game, but Pokemon GO uses this format as a seamless way to sneak in seasonal events. Most of the best pokeemon the games are part of the main series, but the augmented reality genre lends itself well to that world, and its Halloween events are a natural fit to emphasize the franchise’s Ghost-Type creatures.

And while ghost species are the most festive for GO, the game also tends to see dark-type Pokémon becoming more prominent in the wild. Elsewhere, the event also features special research tasks, raids, and collectible cosmetic outfits.

Apex Legends

epic games’ Fortnite tends to take the majority of the spotlight when it comes to battle royale games, but Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends turned out to be a worthy contender. And like its contemporaries in the genre, it also hosts a Halloween event that shakes up the gaming experience.

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The major attraction of Apex Legendsfight or be scared is the exclusive Shadow Royale game mode. Here, traditional maps are given a visual makeover to give them a spooky twist, and downed players can return as ghosts that can revive teammates.

Final Fantasy XIV

Discuss what Final Fantasy game is the best in the series will yield different results across fan groups polled, but XIV deserves a shout out as one of the highest level main entries. And even outside of the MMORPG space, FFXIV is one of the greatest comeback stories.

Along with plenty of background stories and gameplay content provided through post-launch support and DLC, it also features a charming Halloween-themed event. The All Saints’ Day awakening The event features new questlines to participate in with the Continental Circus, with local towns decorating the streets. Of course, in addition to story content and aesthetic changes, this celebration also has a new mount and cosmetic items.

Dead in broad daylight

Due to its nature as an online horror and survival game, Dead in broad daylight is an obvious choice for players who want to participate in fun Halloween events. Taking inspiration from classic horror movies and applying that atmosphere in a video game setting, Dead in broad daylight is a good game to play to scare all year round, but it’s nonetheless exciting to see what collaborations the developers will make each season.

In the Haunted by daylight event, the game will allow players to obtain several new themed skins from the in-game store as well as by simply participating in the event, including the likes of resident Evil villain Arnold Wesker.

For honor

from Ubisoft For honor is one of the most creative online games available, as it combines historical themes and the fighting genre in a different way, for example, tekken Where street fighter. The game has improved with post-launch support, and it recently featured an equally inventive Halloween collaboration event with the online survival horror game. Dead in broad daylight.

This year, however, the game’s recent title update introduces the new Fangs from beyond event that includes new festive loot and a Halloween-themed variation of the Dominion game mode that tasks players with capturing areas and gaining stat boosts when defeating creatures on the map.

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